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PAUL: A duty to preserve the Second Amendment – Washington Times.

Factual discussion about gun control– how refreshing!

Kansas couple: Indoor gardening prompted pot raid – Yahoo! News.

Do you get the feeling that our government– OUR employees, paid for by our taxes– is out of control?  These acts in the drug war zeal are CLEARLY in defiance of our Constitution, yet only a few people whine about it and no one petitions to recall these pukes that have no regard for our civil rights!

Anyone reading this and who is outraged should be writing to their representatives or calling for recall, impeachment, or watchdog action!

DEA Targets FedEx, UPS in Online Pharmacy Battle |

F’ing pukes!  Indeed, like FedEx says– they’re a transportation company, NOT a law enforcement company!  I hope they successfully sue the feds to get them off their backs!  DEA demands are akin to requiring people to tattle on their friends, or snoop through their homes and report illegality to police.  Horseshit!  Let the transportation companies do their jobs and let the DEA do THEIR criminal activity without help!  Pukes!

I mean, whose business is it what we choose to ingest???  Now, if ingesting something makes us assault people, rob people, or behave like lunatics in public, those behaviors are already against the law.  But, if a person wants to ingest dishwashing soap or poison ivy, for whatever reason, that’s THEIR business, not the government’s.  Where in the Constitution does it empower the government to control what we ingest????????   ARGHHHHH!

Aquadettes on Vimeo on Vimeo

And the DEA says “no medicinal value”?  What assholes to deny sick people this godsend of a plant!  Its uses are many– anti-inflammatory, pain relief, anti spasmotic, anti seizure, anti-anxiety, anti-nausea, sleep aid, ANTI-CANCER,  anti-depressant, bone growth/healing stimulant, and countless more.

Follow the Money: How Former Anti-Drug Officials Ridiculously Still Say Pot Is Dangerous in Order to Make a Lot of Cash | Alternet.

The corruption in our government– from school boards all the way to the federal government– is nauseatingly corrupt.  This is yet another of many examples of that.

Newtown school gunman fired 154 rounds in less than 5 minutes – Yahoo! News.

This is 1 shot every 2 seconds.  ANY gun can do that, including a revolver, shotgun, or bolt-action hunting rifle.  So what does this have to do with AR-15’s and high capacity magazines?????  The blatant and egregious bullshit from the gun-grabbers makes me want to vomit!


Bill to legalize, tax marijuana in Maine gains 35 co-sponsors — Politics — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine.


Buzzkill? Cash-strapped states eye pot tax – Rachael Bade –


How hard is it to ‘de-anonymize’ cellphone data?.

Modern technology is eroding our privacy.  Beware if you have something to hide from the government.

As Anecdotal Reports of Anti-Cancer Effects from Cannabis ‘Oil’ Pile Up, Doctors Stress Need to Document Its Effects | Alternet.

Fascinating!  Keep this in mind if you or your loved ones ever get cancer.