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Government Accountability Office Says The Drug War Isn’t Working | NORML Blog, Marijuana Law Reform.

Wow– the GAO is pretty slow to catch on, eh?

Front Porches Now Ground Zero in Property Rights Fight –

What BS!!!  Just incredible!  Imagine buying a house, then years later being told that you cannot rent it out if you so choose!  What crap!  What gives these bozos the right to interfere like that.  Oh– and don’t get me started on LICENSING issues– like the guy on the East Coast that was required to get a license to sell flowers!?!?!?!?!?

Our government, at all levels, is out of control.  They unilaterally impose taxes, Draconian restrictions, requirements, and other curtailment of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness!  People need to be more vocal and involved in government, not just turn a blind eye to the power-hungry corrupt schmucks that are disregarding the Constitution!

Eighth-grader arrested over NRA shirt returns to school in same shirt – Yahoo! News.

The TEACHERS were clearly the disruptors here.  I hope the parents successfully sue the crap out of the school.  Frankly, I would like to see the teacher that created the ruckus PERSONALLY sued!

Excellent article! Excellent! I hope every Democrat reads it. I hope every politician reads it. I hope every anti-gun person reads it. Why? Is it pro-gun? No, it is ANTI-BULLSHIT! Excellent article!


U.S. President Barack Obama speaks next to Vice President Joe Biden on commonsense measures to reduce gun violence, in Washington

Dear Gun Control Democrats:

It’s been less than a week since national gun control in America died. No “assault weapons” ban. No “high-capacity” magazine ban. Not even the Manchin-Toomey background check compromise that, according to Senator Mark Kirk, was reached by getting drunk on a 54-foot mega-yacht named Black Tie, which is part-owned by Manchin.

Over the last several days, I’ve watched Democratic politicians, lobbyists and Facebook meme-sharers calling down shame on the senators who voted against every single gun control measure proposed in the Senate. Yes, it’s true that none of the measures would have passed the Republican-controlled House anyway, but to have lost in the Democrat-controlled senate was to truly be trounced. I have seen the Democratic pundits all over the nation looking across their podiums and well-lit television studio desks with stunned expressions. “How could this have happened,” they all ask? Only four months after…

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8th grade student suspended, arrested over gun t-shirt – WOWK 13 Charleston, Huntington WV News, Weather, Sports.

WTF?????  What laws were broken????  I hope the father sues the CRAP out of these morons in the school and police depts!  Just incredible!  And if THAT doesn’t outrage you, consider this:

Voters’ stupidity is incredible!  No WONDER we have the problems we have in today’s political arena!

There should be an intelligence test before allowing people to vote.  Seriously!  Stupid, clueless, people should not have the right to affect others.

Bet You Didn’t Know Video —

It seems that our politicians have forgotten Prohibition in their zeal to outlaw marijuana.


Big Pharma Company Jacks Up Price of Overdose Life Saver by 1100%: Now, More People Will Die | Alternet.

As I was saying….


“Send ‘Em To Jail That Day!” The Newest Frontier in the Drug War and the People Who Make Millions from It | Alternet.

Just follow the money trail if you want to know why drugs are illegal.  Seriously– think about it for a moment.  What business does the government have to dictate what you can or cannot ingest?  Seriously.  Really.

Now, I can understand laws that dictate public behavior— noise, aggression, posing a danger to others, stealing/robbing/burglary to fund drug habits, etc– are legitimate.  But, does it matter why a person behaves erratically or commits crimes?  Not really.  Do you care whether a DUI driver that just killed your family member was high on alcohol, heroin, or huffing gasoline fumes?  Not really– you just want the irresponsible SOB behind bars or worse, but the intoxicant doesn’t matter.

But, if there is money to be made by demonizing a drug, then look at those who benefit– the DEA, Law Enforcement, prison guards, liquor lobby, Big Pharm, drug testing labs, drug cartels, and many more.  If we followed Portugal’s brilliant decision, a decade ago, when they decriminalized all drugs, which resulted in a dramatic drop in crime and, counter-intuitively, a decrease in drug abuse, think what that would mean:  DEA’s thousands of people would be jobless.  We’d need 1/4 of the police force we now have, as they would not be looking for drug users, gangs would have dissipated, and they would return to their LEGITIMATE task of protecting people and property.   And so on down the line.

I do not believe the government has any business telling us what we can or cannot ingest.  But, as long as we let them get away with it, as long as we sit on our butts and watch American Idol or Survivor, as long as we whine and not do anything, our out-of-control government will follow the whims of those that make money from declaring something to be a crime, then profiting from it.

If you value your freedom, if you believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, you owe it to yourselves and your loved ones to raise holy hell to your representatives and senators when they bend the Constitution to suit their selfish (or lobbyists’) purposes.  If you don’t participate, if you just watch TV and do nothing, you get the laws you deserve… and are probably unknowingly breaking some obscure law as you read this.  Vote Libertarian!  It is time to take our country back!

Guns in America | Facts and statistics about firearms in the USA.


Kathleen Parker wrote one of the most sensible articles on gun control for the mainstream media:
Someone wrote an excellent rebuttal:

Ms Parker;

Thank you for your article, The Delusion of Gun Control.  I thank you because gun control is a delusion, to the extent that it does not refer to accurate shot placement.

 However, I am also writing to answer your question “Why not?” when you ask “Should we insist that buyers at gun shows submit to a quick background check as they would at any gun store?”

 Do you think a guaranteed fundamental right to due process is a good thing?  In other words, as a writer, do you think you should run your article past a government censor before you offer it to your editor for publication?  Should you be required to undergo a background check to see if you have a history of DUI’s before you are permitted to purchase a car?  Should the federal government, which does not even have the subject matter authority delegated to it from the rights of the people to prohibit capital murder (State crime under the Police Power, no federal authority), have the illegitimate power to monitor your telephone calls, your comings and goings, your purchases at the supermarket or car dealer … or your commercial transactions at a gun store?

 I say, no.  I say not no, but hell no!  We have a free country in the USA, a nation founded upon individual sovereignty and the right to be left alone by government in the absence of probable cause of wrongdoing.  Not a sneaking hunch, not a suspicion, not a risk of wrongdoing, but probable cause.

Background checks at gun shows or at gun stores are unconstitutional and illegal and always have been.  They serve no legitimate function and they would not be legal if they did.  As you can now see, the imposition of an illegal a priori restraint on our right to privacy and due process as a pre-condition to the purchase of a firearm was just for the purpose of setting precedent:  Now it has been going on for so long it appears to be justification for expanding it to every transaction, and maintaining records at the federal level (already done now anyway because, as has already been admitted, the NICS background check computer is incapable of deleting any record of a background check) of every transaction is for the purpose of confiscating every firearm when the Marxist Mafia infesting our government decides it is time to crack down on the peasant rabble – as governments around the world have done nine times in the last 100 years, committing genocides totaling 170,000,000 million victims.

That’s why we don’t want or need and must not tolerate background checks as a pre-condition to the purchase of firearms.

–[Name withheld by this blogger]

One cannot arm slaves and expect them to remain slaves.   Nor can one disarm a free people and expect them to remain free.

                                                                                                                    –[Name withheld by this blogger]