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Marijuana use in adolescence may cause permanent brain abnormalities, mouse study suggests.

While I have always said that responsible drug use by adults should be their own choice, and that they should be judged by their behavior, and not what they choose to ingest, I do NOT support kids drug use.

Kids and teens have more than a full plate when it comes to learning about the world, their newly discovered sexual urges, and how society functions, to incur a powerful distraction.  This article, if true when extrapolated to humans, should be yet another common-sense warning sign to discourage drug use as much as possible by this age group.

But, criminalizing kids’ natural tendencies to seek new experiences is wrong.  Instead, kids must be convinced to eschew this experimentation for their own good, with FACTS, not sensationalistic lies.  Most of my peers avoided such experimentation until college age, when presumably young people are approaching the age where they are able to be responsible.  Nowadays, pre-teens are having pharm parties, where they consume handfuls of pills, stolen from their parents’ medicine cabinets, to “see what happens”.  This sends shivers down my spine!  Even at that age, I knew better.

It all boils down to parenting!  If you feed your kids lies, they will not respect you or your warnings.  Respect your kids by being truthful and they will return that respect by believing what you tell them.  Teach them to avoid peer pressure.  Explain that what might be acceptable once the body and mind are fully grown, may be quite harmful to the developing mind/body.  Do your jobs as parents!

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