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After a drunk driver plowed his car through a group of pedestrians, anti-car people began pushing for legislature to make our streets safer.  Some groups said there was no legitimate purpose for AUTOMATIC transmissions.  Still others, wanted to regulate engine size.  “There is only one purpose for automatic transmissions and V-8 engines, and that is to harm people”, they would chant.  Still others proposed universal background checks, to assure that any licensed driver consumed no alcohol in the past.  Some advocated limiting cars to manual transmissions and 4-cylinder engines.  “There is no legitimate reason for civilians to own anything larger or faster”.  Many wanted a 15-day waiting period to buy a car, and required fingerprints and background checks to assure that the potential buyer of the automobile did not use alcohol.  Then, after a  mentally ill driver intentionally drove his car through a schoolyard of children playing, there was an uproar across the nation to mandate psychological tests before being allowed to drive a car.  “It’s only common sense”, shouted one politician.

Thankfully, wiser heads prevailed and any such restrictive legislation failed to pass.  But, two subsequent events where mentally ill drivers drove their cars intentionally through groups of pedestrians, there came a new push.  The Vice President told the American public that people should be satisfied with riding motor scooters, to limit the carnage.  A senator, who was a longtime anti-car person (while secretly driving an SUV herself), pushed legislation to outlaw any car over 10 feet long, and cars of any size if they were painted flat black or had cosmetic features that made them look like military vehicles.  The most popular car, at the time, was indeed flat black and had plastic shrouds to make it look like a tank.  “These have no legitimate purpose in our society”, she campaigned.

Two anti-car senators in Michigan were successfully recalled, after they pushed anti-car legislation.  Movie actors proclaimed that the government can pry their cold dead bodies, using the Jaws of Life, from their cars.  In California, legislation was passed to restrict vehicles to the size of golf carts, with similar top speeds.  “If we want to reduce the carnage on our streets and highways, we must have these restrictions”, the politicians said.  “But what about our Consitution?”, car buffs asked, “and our right to freely pursue happiness”?  “Nonsense”, they were told, “public transportation can be used, and the Constitution only applies collectively, and is not an individual right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.  MAID (Mothers Against Irresponsible Drivers) worried that children might get access to vehicles and tried to get ALL vehicles banned.  “Why can’t people ride buses or take trains?”, they asked.

Thankfully, the powerful automobile lobby, the NVA (National Vehicle Association) was able to quench the knee-jerk legislation and stop it dead in its tracks.  But, a recent incident where a deranged man drove a large SUV through the checkpoint at an east coast military base and began running over people before being killed by an Abrams Tank when it ran over him, elicited a renewed emotional outburst, demanding that mentally ill people not be allowed to buy cars.  The president vowed to do all that he can to stop this insanity.  “It is my goal to rid the country of automobiles”, he proclaimed, “and if Congress does not step up to the plate, I will do all that I can with Executive Orders, the Constitution be damned”.  The attorney general, who is friends with the president, turned it into a racial issue, citing statistics that “more African-American people are killed by cars than other races, so automobile ownership is clearly a racist tool to suppress the black man”.

And so it went, emotion after emotion, without the realization that with freedom, comes risk.  If we are all locked up in padded cells, there won’t be any car accidents, murders, stabbings, falls off ladders, roofs, or other accidents, but is that life?  Having the freedom to drive a car, to go about one’s business, to pursue happiness all carries a risk, and NO restrictions short of locking people up in padded cells and straitjackets, will stop all accidents and deaths.  If you have sharp objects, sooner or later someone will get cut.  Yet, the naysayers will not realize it until they, too, are locked up in padded cells and straitjackets, and then they will collectively say, “OOPS”….