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We elect public servants and delegate authority to them to keep our society functioning properly.  But, when they, in turn, lock up more of us than the KGB locked up in the Soviety Union’s prime, it’s time to take a serious look at what is going on, while we are distracted watching Survivor and inane sitcoms.

Consider drugs– ALL drugs.  We all agree that many are harmful, many can ruin people, many are addictive.  But, so is sugar, hydrogenated fats, tobacco, alcohol, farm animal antibiotics and pesticides, and countless household products, yet we look the other way when it comes to these, and certainly don’t lock people up because they have a morning donut that was fried in partially hydrogenated palm oil.  Why should we lock up people for using drugs?

Using most drugs is an unwise choice people make and a percentage of these people get addicted, ruin their lives, and resort to stealing to support their habits.  No one would argue that this isn’t bad for society, not to mention the individuals so afflicted.  But, is filling our prisons the answer?  Isn’t drug ABuse a medical/psychological problem that a compassionate society might want to help?  Isn’t theft and robbery already against the law?  Shouldn’t police’s sole duty be to protect people and property?

One would think that police are here to help keep us safe, but their duty is LAW enforcement, and that means that when it comes to protecting us or enforcing laws, we– sadly– become 2nd place.  Never mind that 75% of our shootings are the direct result of these Draconian laws, which put profit into drug peddling and create criminal gangs.  Never mind that we have MILLIONS of people who might be productive citizens– fathers, mothers, aid providers for their elderly parents, people in chronic pain who use drugs to ease their pain– in prison, more than any other country in the world.

How did we get so perverted?  How has our society become so callous?  We vote, we delegate our authority to our public servants, and then we turn our backs and let them pervert our wishes.  Instead, we need to demand justice.  We need to write, call, email, and even visit our representatives in government and demand that they represent us.  And if we are lent a deaf ear, we need to impeach, recall, and vote the rascals out!  What a concept?  But, we are too busy watching TV to care.  WE are not in prison, so it is someone else’s problem.  WRONG!

How soon before someone decides that sugar, being bad for us and causing diabetes, should be banned.  Suddenly, you might find yourself a criminal because you ate a piece of candy.  Preposterous?  Hardly. In the 1920’s, you could be imprisoned for enjoying a glass of wine– all because someone ELSE decided that alcohol should be criminalized.

What to do?  Demand that ALL drugs be decriminalized.  Disband the DEA.  Re-define police’s duty as protecting life and property.  Use 1/10th of the War on Drug budget to educate people to CHOOSE not to go down that path.  Ensure that drugs are pure, and not cut with poisons.  Treat those who made mistakes and got hooked.  Save prison for the gangsters that shoot people and rob them.  Wait– if drugs were legal, 90% of the gangs would disappear.  What a concept, again!

Nutmeg can get one high.  Countless plants can too, as can gasoline, toluene, and other solvents.  But, we ignore those, and we SHOULD ignore marijuana and other drugs, similarly.  Without the glamorization, and with some education, drug use will drop, as it did in Portugal, who lead the idea of decriminalizing all drugs more than a decade ago.  Crime dropped dramatically and drug use went down!  Government needs to get out of the business of dictating what we can or cannot ingest.  Instead, protect us against assault, robbery, rape, and other violent crimes, but leave the person who wants to enjoy a glass of wine or a toke at the end of the day, alone.

Drugs are not the problem; government’s reaction to them IS and creates countless problems in the wake of their War on Drugs zeal.  Ethan Nadelmann’s speech, below, says just that:

Ethan Nadelmann\’s Visionary Speech on How Society Should Deal with Drug Use | Drug Policy Alliance.


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