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New Hampshire House Gives Preliminary Approval To Legalizing Recreational Marijuana.



NRA-ILA | Citing Second Amendment, Judge Issues Injunction Against Federal Gun Ban.

A step in the right direction.

NRA-ILA | Concealed Carry Licensee Gets Ungracious Reception by Police in \”Charm City\”.

This is SO wrong!  Police behaving badly!


Lawmakers Abandoning Medical Marijuana Bills For CBD-Only Bills | High Times.


CBD is indeed powerful medicine, but so is THC.  To allow one without the other is akin to allowing fungicides but not bacteriocides.  We need BOTH.


Dutch Government Commission Brave New Report On Cannabis Legality | Dutch Passion.


CNN: \’Gone to Pot\’ [America Wants Legal Marijuana] – YouTube.


US Congress forced to examine marijuana legislation if one more state passes medical marijuana – Marijuana Patients Organization.