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Isn’t it tragically humorous that all these marijuana naysayers all have a conflict of interest in telling the truth?  Isn’t it a remarkable coincidence that most of these people run drug testing/rehab facilities or otherwise profit from marijuana illegality?  Just follow the money!  The assertions by this asshole, in my opinion, are pure bullshit!

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I believe that Christian Thurstone is one of two things: A moron or a self-serving asshole!  Most likely, as a director of a youth drug treatment clinic, he is doing his best to create a market for his services, so as a businessman, perhaps he should be lauded.  But, at whose expense?  Other selfish groups may include police, prison guards, the DEA– all of whom lose jobs because much of their efforts are to stop marijuana users.  Big Parm is also an obvious loser, when it comes to marijuana, because many highly-effective medicines can be grown in one’s backyard.  Maybe the liquor lobby also fears that people will consume less alcohol if pot is legal.

Kids caught with marijuana are often given the choice of being expelled from school or incarcerated, OR they can seek treatment for “marijuana addiction”.  Well, no wonder their numbers are increasing, but how many are truly addicted?  And, how many fewer are seeking treatment for prescription drug addiction?  Opiate addiction?  Crystal meth addiction?  Cocaine addiction?  Solvent inhalation addiction?  Alcohol addiction?

And, Christian Thurstone may also be a moron who cannot differentiate between correlation and causality.  Is marijuana the cause of IQ drops, or are lower-IQ kids– who have a much greater difficulty in school– more attracted to, and distracted by a benign herb that provides a relaxing, pleasant, altered state of body and mind, which is sure as hell preferable to studying calculus or math?

When we were teenagers, we had as much alcohol, marijuana, and most other drugs as we wished.  Ah, but pot nowadays is a lot stronger.  Horseshit!  We bought hashish, hash oil, and/or made our own concentrates, but it was NOT about getting more high, it was about getting high with fewer tokes.  Try to get TOO high and you just go to sleep.

So, when you read these scare articles, ask yourselves who stands to gain from the allegations?  What else are they NOT telling you?  And, above all, CORRELATION DOES NOT IMPLY CAUSALITY.  That is a mouthful if you do not have a scientific background, but example of that might be, facetiously, “SNEEZING CAUSES STOCK MARKET TO DROP”.  If every time I sneezed and the market went down, the correlation would be 100%.  But, causality would be zero, for the obvious reason that my sneezing is entirely unrelated to the stock market, yet the correlation might be 100%.

Even reputable scientists are sometimes fooled by this, and that is why peers often review a research paper before publication.  A simple fact is that lower-IQ kids, kids who are struggling with school, kids who are having social issues, often gravitate toward escapes, whether chemical, electronic (video games, music, TV, Internet), or other.  It is NOT the escape that is causal, it is their struggles!  Thurstone may be naive, and I say that with kindness, but I really think he is trying to build his drug treatment business.

Consider– William Randolph Hearst’s (and DuPont’s) motives were similarly selfish when they demonized marijuana and hemp for their own greed and political scores.  Could this be Thurstone’s motivation?  It certainly would not be the first time someone has done so.

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