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Someone wants to make money by declaring a problem and offering a solution.  Frankly, I think this is a prime example of bullshit and irresponsible reporting.  For 10,000 years, people have been eating and smoking cannabis, with no deaths, and now suddenly people are dying?  Bullshit!  BULLSHIT!

I can confirm an instance where I ate TWELVE, 30mg THC doses.  The result was extreme sleepiness followed by 11 hours of restful sleep.  Now, we are expected to believe that someone ate SIX doses and died?????  BULLSHIT!  It’s either an egregious lie or the victim consumed far more than cannabis.

I  also once “OD’d” on some exceptionally strong hashish.  Indeed, I experienced mild hallucinations– could have sworn I saw a fly out of the corner of my eye, and even watched the mirror “breathing”.  I panicked and my heart raced to 180BPM.  I called a drug hotline.  They chuckled and told me to just calm down and wait.  As soon as I was convinced that it was all in my head and not lethal, I calmed down and my heart rate immediately dropped to normal.

Suddenly, after 10,000 years of no fatalities, we are expected to believe that people are dying?  BULLSHIT!  It is either DEA propaganda or someone wants to establish themselves as regulators of dosages.  What a crock of BULLSHIT.  These are the same low-lives that declare that people are seeking treatment for marijuana addiction.  When one peels through the BULLSHIT layers, interesting facts emerge.  A con artist convinces school officials to give kids caught with pot a choice:  jail or enroll in addiction programs.  Which would YOU choose?  So, the kids reluctantly choose the addiction programs, all the while knowing they’re not addicted in the least, but it is the path of least resistance.  Meanwhile, the con artist creates a self-fulfilling prophecy, and makes lots of money on people’s ignorance.

So, I take this report with a grain of salt and a ton or ire!  It is irresponsible reporting!  After 10,000 years of death-free cannabis use, these jerks are trying to make us believe that suddenly, with its legalization, people are dying?  Hello?  Seriously?  You want us to believe that?  BULLSHIT!  Cannabis was legal UNTIL 1937, when it was demonized by William Randolph Hearst because he feared the hemp seed oil– on which the Model T Ford was originally designed to run– might devalue his petroleum investments, and the hemp fiber, his timber investments.  It was banned SOLELY on political/financial grounds, not science.

If you’ve studied cannabis and cannabis use as much as I have, you too will know when someone is trying to peddle BULLSHIT.  Educate yourselves!   Read: that was the result of Nixon’s attempt at science to justify his war on drugs.  Nixon tossed the report into the garbage when SCIENCE showed cannabis to be benign.  Now, we have an entire agency– the DEA– spreading lies to justify its own miserable existence, and apparently some low-life trying to spread lies to make a business in regulating pot potency.  BULLSHIT!


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Brain changes associated with casual marijuana use in young adults: More ‘joints’ equal more damage — ScienceDaily.

The unanswered question here is “is marijuana CAUSAL?”.  I don’t doubt that the researchers found brain differences between the users and non-users of marijuana, but could it be that young people with these brain differences may be more likely to use marijuana as an escape?  The answer is not known.

People who have brain “differences” from other causes, may find typical life, school, responsibilities more daunting than others, and hence gravitate to escapes, whether video games, marijuana, alcohol, or other intoxicants.  Researchers will therefore find “brain differences” between these people and non-users of intoxicants, but those differences were there before the marijuana use.  Or, the marijuana use may indeed have caused the changes.  All I am saying is that CORRELATION DOES NOT ASSURE CAUSALITY, so read such reports with a jaundiced eye, and assess for yourselves whether or not the study would rule out existing differences.

Since it is difficult and costly to study and track a significantly-large group of people for a couple of decades, MOST of these “studies” are really what they call “meta-studies”, where researchers seek differences in existing populations.  This is a good first step, but does not rule out pre-existing conditions, as explained above.  Read these studies carefully and critically.

Lastly, while I would be as concerned as anyone about marijuana causing changes in the brain, if it indeed does, but even that leaves many unanswered questions.  What is the nature of the changes?  How do these changes manifest themselves?  Are the changes the result of something else?  For example, if marijuana use induces one to “think outside the box”, is this wider, creative thinking the cause of the brain changes.  If so, it may be a good change.  Or, if using marijuana makes a person paranoid, are these changes the result of a more wary, fearful, on-guard way of thinking?  If so, it may not be good.

So, you can see how a young PhD student may pore over volumes of existing medical and psychological data and indeed find a correlation, but that is just the beginning, as it opens the door to MANY new questions about causality and consequences.

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Adolescent pot use leaves lasting mental deficits; Developing brain susceptible to lasting damage from exposure to marijuana — ScienceDaily.

I think this is bad science.  The researchers ASSUME a causal effect– that is, the teens’ lower IQs were CAUSED BY the cannabis.  This is a common mistake young scientists (and even more experienced ones) make with a far greater frequency than we would like to think.

Could it be that lower-IQ teens, having greater difficulty in school, perhaps getting little support at home, gravitate to escapes like drugs, alcohol, or even video games, skateboarding, etc– anything to serve as a distraction from the difficult studies.  So, this group is tested and found to average 8 IQ points lower than those that did not use marijuana.  Aha, they think, the marijuana lowered their IQs, missing the greater likelihood that those with lower IQs gravitated toward the marijuana.

I was not involved in the study, so I cannot say for sure, but nothing in the above report convinces me that this was causal.  It is implied, and may be reported in the original paper, but I do not see it here.  Now, having said that, I don’t think it is a good idea for ANYONE to be constantly or even chronically  high.  On anything.  Especially young people.  But, let’s be accurate in our reporting.

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