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More BULLSHIT!  Right out of Reefer Madness!

Waiting list for cannabis “addiction”?  Could it be that schools and cops, catching kids with cannabis, offer them a choice– jail or “rehab”?  Which would YOU choose between these two “choices”?  Could those that run the rehab centers be pushing this “addiction” concept?  Could it be that kids who are of lower IQ struggle more to keep up and are more likely to seek escapes?  Which is causal?

Seeing BS like this make begs me to remind you:  DO NOT BELIEVE THE BULLSHIT!  If you are interested, research it yourself.  Read everything you can get your hands on.  Find opposing views and try to resolve the discrepancies.  There is SO much propaganda on this topic.  And, if you live in CO or WA, please discourage kids from using, whenever possible, not that they can’t get it on the black market anyway.

And that cop at the end suggesting that kids are DYING because of cannabis?  I am not a proctologist, but I know assholes when I see them.  This guy is either incredibly stupid or fearful that cannabis legalization will reduce his department’s budget.  Perhaps he has financial interests in one of the “rehab” centers.  What Bullshit!


Auntie BS

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Marijuana use involved in more fatal accidents since commercialization of medical marijuana — ScienceDaily.

BULLSHIT ALARM!  Cannabis users often have detectable levels of cannabis metabolites as long as a month or more after use, especially after chronic use.  But, is the cannabis detected in the autopsies CAUSAL?  It’s highly doubtful and impossible to determine, yet these bozos take information like this, draw unscientific conclusions, sensationalize it in the media, and politicians react.  WTF?

Did you know that breathing air is involved in more accidents since humans began breathing air?  Yup!  Every person who died in an accident had evidence of having breathed air!  We must ban air!

Absurd?  Yes indeed, but on par with the BULLSHIT they spread about cannabis.

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