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Eric Holder questions marijuana’s legal status as he prepares to leave Justice Department – Vox.

Tony Abbott backs legalisation of medical cannabis.

In a stunning op-ed released Friday, the NY Times finally admitted that “assault weapons” are a made-up political term fabricated by anti-gun Democrats.

Op-ed writer Lois Beckett also admitted that once the term was manufactured and used to outlaw a class of weapons that dishonest anti-gun Democrats had used to con an entire nation, nothing happened.

via After 30 Years Of Lies, NY Times Admits “Assault Weapons Are A Myth” – Bearing Arms.

Realm of Caring Announces Charlotte’s Web to be Shipped to All 50 US States.

Cannabinoids as Novel Therapeutics for Pediatric Cancers

Ewing’s Sarcoma is a pediatric bone cancer that is highly aggressive, leading to a five-year survival rate of only 30% even with multi-modal treatment protocols. Improved therapeutic options are desperately needed. Dr. Lori Hensley’s research has focused on the ability of non-psychoactive cannabinoids to induce death and inhibit metastases in cells from members of the Ewing’s sarcoma family of tumors and other solid pediatric cancers. Our data demonstrate these compounds can successfully kill Ewing’s sarcoma cells and related tumor cells in vitro through the induction of apoptosis. Our data further suggest we can limit the migration of tumor cells and endothelial cells (required for new blood vessel formation to feed the tumors), potentially reducing their ability to spread throughout the body. In order to test the efficacy of our drugs in a more realistic model of human cancer, we developed a novel bioluminescent mouse model of Ewing’s sarcoma in which engineered tumor cells are injected into the tibiae of mice, and the growth of tumors in control and treated mice can be tracked using specific imaging techniques.

via Biology | Ouachita Baptist University.

▶ Trailer: New Truth in Media Episode on CBD, Cannabis and The Government’s Attempt To Own It – YouTube.

Blood Journal | Targeting CB2 cannabinoid receptors as a novel therapy to treat malignant lymphoblastic disease.

Case Reports in Oncology 2013, Vol. 6, No. 3 – Cannabis Extract Treatment for Terminal Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with a Philadelphia Chromosome Mutation – FullText – Karger Publishers.

Enhancing the Activity of Cannabidiol and Other Cannabinoids In Vitro Through Modifications to Drug Combinations and Treatment Schedules.

The CB2 cannabinoid receptor signals apoptosis via ceramide-dependent activation of the mitochondrial intrinsic pathway.