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Hype Around Cannabis As A Treatment For Cancer Is Undeserved | IFLScience.

If one TENTH the anecdotal information is to be believed, the hype IS very much deserved!  Your family physician may not say so, but if we wait for FDA approval and absolute, 100%, “proof”, we will all die of old age before seeing that…. if ever.

From all that I have read about cannabis and cancer, cannabis IS the closest thing to a panacea that we have.  Now, in fairness, there are dozens if not hundreds of different types of cancer that afflict us. To say, “Cannabis cures breast cancer” or “Cannabis cures colon cancer” is not accurate– what KIND of cancer is afflicting these organs?  Each organ can be afflicted with any of several types of cancer.  The affected organ is less important than the type of cancer.  Not all may respond to cannabis.

I have read, however, that cannabis cures melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, glioma, and at least one type of slow-growing prostate cancer.  If I were to be diagnosed with cancer, the first thing I would do is to try high doses of cannabis, before going for chemotherapy, should that fail.  But, that’s me– I am not qualified to make a recommendation, and sadly, neither are most MDs, whose medical training comes from schools funded by Big Pharma, and many only know how to push pills manufactured by Big Pharma.  I don’t mean to diminish medical training, but it is far less complete than the medical profession would like you to think.  For example, most MDs only need to take one class on nutrition in their training, and most likely, that is funded by General Mills, Kellogg’s, ADM and other grain producers, so grains are at the top of the list, despite human evolution being almost devoid of such grains.  And so on.  Do your own homework– it ain’t easy, but it is necessary.



It occurred to me that, if cannabis has neuro-genesis properties that promote the growth of neurons in the brain and enhance their connections, could it help in stroke victims?  This would be profound, if so– right up there with its cancer-curing properties and anti-Alzheimer’s properties.

Consider that a stroke is the result of ischemia in a portion of the brain.  A piece of plaque from a blood vessel anywhere in the body can reach the brain and clog smaller vessels and capillaries, causing some of the brain tissue to lack oxygen and then die, resulting in a stroke.  What if cannabis could generate new neurons to replace the dead ones, and its neural-connection enhancing properties could partially or completely replace the dead tissue and restore functionality?

I’ve not read this anywhere, so it is HIGHLY speculative, but given everything else we’ve learned about cannabis, I would not be surprised if this was so.  I would be hesitant to recommend cannabis for stroke victims, because I do not know the potential ramifications due to its other properties, like increased blood pressure, for example, but if you know of a person who has had a stroke, and they are cannabis users, please share any pertinent observations.

Note, too, that smoking or vaping cannabis gets the smallest amount directly to the brain, for its effects, but eating cannabis is akin to a time-release, and bathes the body in higher levels of cannabinoids for longer durations.  And, eating raw cannabis, minimizes the high (the non-psychoactive THCa is not yet decarboxylated to THC), it does allow for the highest amount of cannabinoids to be ingested, without causing the user to be overly intoxicated.

If you know of any cannabis-using stroke victims, I would appreciate you sharing your observations with me.  I have many questions as to the victims recovery, if any, the time spans involved, and the original degree of incapacitation– any detailed observations you can report.

Thank you in advance,


Congressional Research Service Publishes Report On Federal Government Taxing Marijuana

Congressional Research Service Publishes Report On Federal Government Taxing MarijuanaWashington, D.C.: The Congressional Research Service (CRS) released a comprehensive thirty five-page report last week examining the federal government establishing a wholesale excise tax on the production and sale of cannabis-related products.

In what is one of the most comprehensive policy and fiscal reviews to date of how cannabis can be taxed and regulated, numerous areas of consideration were reviewed including enforcement, discouraging youth use, choosing the base to tax (i.e., weight, potency and price), restrictions, labeling, measurement, special tax rates, home production and medical cannabis. Members of Congress initiate these reports to CRS.

CRS’ economic analysis indicates that cannabis prices are likely to fall from today’s prohibition-influenced prices of $200-$300 an ounce to as low $5-$18 ounce. Economic modeling based on a $40 billion annual cannabis market in the United States tests a $50 per ounce federal excise tax price point (generating nearly $7 billion in federal excise taxes).

When making the logical comparison of alcohol and cannabis’ ‘external costs’ (i.e., taxation to equate with external costs of the drug use to society), researchers peg alcohol’s external costs to the nation at $30 billion annually; cannabis, at $0.5 – $1.6 billion.

NORML Executive Director Allen St. Pierre commenting on the new CRS paper: “This CRS report on the prospects of the federal government taxing and regulating cannabis is another clear indication of the political saliency and fiscal appeal of ending cannabis prohibition at the state, and increasingly at the federal level (replacing the nearly eighty-year old failed federal policy with tax-n-regulate policies that are similar to alcohol and tobacco products).

With four states and the District of Columbia since 2012 opting for legalizing cannabis, dozens of members of Congress from both major political parties–from states with legalization and those that pine for it–are getting serious about making sure the federal government does not lose out on hundreds of millions annually in tax revenue from the ever-growing cannabis industry in the United States.”

For more information, please contact Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director, or Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director, at (202) 483-5500. The Congressional Research Service report ‘Federal Proposals to Tax Marijuana: An Economic Analysis’ is found at

Smell the Truth » Marijuana kills brain cancer, new study confirms.

Marijuana poisoning incidents spike in Washington state – Yahoo News.

How the F**K does anyone get “poisoned” by something that is non-toxic????  This is pure, unadulturated BS, likely foist on us by Big Pharma or the DEA.

After the sensationalistic headlines, they go on to say “Marijuana exposures [that’s EXPOSURES, NOT poisoning] are defined as any situation where an adult or child suffers an adverse reaction to the consumption of marijuana, such as increased heart rate, paranoia or stomach illness, according to the Washington Poison Center.”  One can get reactions like that from drinking coffee or seeing a photo of Nancy Pelosi.

Or maybe I’m wrong and I am being poisoned by NSA spying, jogging, or eating at a fast food restaurant, all without knowing it, because their described symptoms can occur from countless benign things, that do not even require ingesting something.  Saying “Boo” to someone may raise their heartrate, and that’s clearly not “poisoning”.  Similarly, one can get paranoid from our government spying on us, and when our politicians spew their excrement at us– like gun-carrying Dianne Feinstein,  denouncing everyone else’s right to do the same– can make my stomach queasy.  Articles like the above also do a number on my gut, make my heart (and keyboard) race, and makes me fearful that there is no sanity, common sense, or truth in the media anymore!  I say, ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


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