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Texas Governor Says Legal Marijuana Leads to Murder | High Times.

I hope he can get the fecal matter out of his nostriles with logic like that….

But, more to the point, he said he doesn’t care what the will of the people is.  That should be a MAJOR issue among his constituents and should be grounds for a recall.  Politicians forget that THEY are OUR servants, not vice versa, and their DUTY is to heed to the will of the people they represent.


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New Mexico Can Nullify Federal Industrial Hemp Ban in 2015 | Tenth Amendment Center Blog.

Problems ahead for marijuana reform.

If the legislators of Nebraska and Kansas removed the fecal matter from their heads, they might not make a fuss about it.  If people WANT cannabis, it’s the government servant’s job to REPRESENT the will of the people!

Vote the morons out!!!


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