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Obama’s nominee for attorney general claims alcohol is safer than marijuana – The Washington Post.

We don’t need another moron in Washington!  Write your representatives!


New Study Finds Daily Marijuana Use Is Not Associated With Brain Abnormalities | IFLScience.

Told you so!  If you readers recall, I suspected that this was BULLSHIT from the get-go.  “Researchers” [i.e., inexperienced grad students] found a “link” (correlation) between marijuana use and lower IQ.  I commented that the lower IQ was more likely the CAUSAL factor which led them to seek more escapes, whether drugs, video games, sports, TV, or anything BUT school.  Looks like I was right.

The message when reading reports of “links” or “correlation” to ask yourselves what other possibilities be, and what might be their cause,  how to differentiate between these possibilities, and did the researchers make an effort to do the differentiation.  If not, then be highly suspect of the report.  The stock market’s downturns could easily correlate with my sneezing, perfectly, but clearly neither is causal— neither causes the other.  So, be wary.


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Is Cannabis A Cure For Cancer? | Alternet.

Cannabis Activists – CANNABIS CURES CANCERS!.


Nice collection of articles!


Pediatricians Call For An End To Cannabis As a Schedule I Drug | #illegallyhealed.


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