Medical marijuana for children with developmental and behavioral disorders? — ScienceDaily

Posted: February 7, 2015 in Bad Science, Brain, Cannabis, drugs, health, Marijuana, SCAMS
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Medical marijuana for children with developmental and behavioral disorders? — ScienceDaily.

A lot of vague hand-waving here, IMHO. “Meanwhile, a growing body of evidence links cannabis to “long-term and potentially irreversible physical, neurocognitive, psychiatric, and psychosocial adverse outcomes.”  WHAT growing body of evidence?  What “links”?  Are they causal?

Over time, regular cannabis use by adolescents has been linked to persistent declines in intelligence quotient and increased risk of addiction, major depression, anxiety disorders, and psychotic thinking.

WHOA!  Do you smell bullshit?  I do.  These “links” have been investigated and disproven as being causal.  Adolescents with psychiatric problems or those with lower IQs, struggle more in school and thereby are more likely to seek escapes.  In other words, it is their condition that makes them more likely to abuse cannabis, NOT that the cannabis causes their conditions.

“The adolescent brain may be uniquely susceptible to the harmful effects of marijuana, reflecting the role of the cannabinoid receptors in normal neurodevelopment. ”

That’s a fair statement– it may indeed be the case.

“Brain abnormalities in adults who are heavy marijuana users may have their origin in neurodevelopmental changes starting in adolescence.”

But, it may be their conditions that make them more likely to become heavy users of cannabis, not vice versa.  If my dog goes out to defecate every time Obama is on TV, is it causal?  Does Obama make my dog shit, or does my dog going out to shit cause Obama to be on TV?  The correlation may be 100%, but it is safe to say that the two are unrelated, despite their correlation.  So, be VERY WARY of “links” and “correlations” you read about or hear on the news.  Many trained scientists lose their objectivity and jump to wrong conclusions because of correlations like this.

Also, at what point does “use” of something become “abuse”?  If you come home from work and smoke a joint, is that use or abuse?  If you wake up and fire up a joint, then toke all day long, at work, DUI, etc, is that use or abuse?  Substitute alcohol– is a drink after work OK?  Is drinking all day long OK?  Be wary of articles that refer to drug use as abuse.

Readers, there is SO much misinformation on the Internet, which is why I started this blog– to hopefully spread the word of truth and to debunk the lies.  This is why I am….




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