Study suggests medical marijuana may do more harm than good for kids – Yahoo News

Posted: February 7, 2015 in ADHD, Brain, Cannabis, Depression, drugs, health, hemp, Marijuana, PTSD, seizures
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Study suggests medical marijuana may do more harm than good for kids – Yahoo News.

It may not be helpful for ADHD (which may not even be a legitimate disorder; just extreme exuberance and interest in things to the point of distraction), but cannabis has been a godsend to some kids with epileptic seizures, yet this article seems to gloss over that.

Personally, while you won’t find many stronger proponents of cannabis use, I am leery of using it on kids unless absolutely necessary.  ANY mind-altering substance or condition is likely problematic for long-term use on kids.  We see brain changes in kids who spend too much time with video games.  With the Charlotte’s Web strain of cannabis, it is the high CBD that alleviates the seizures, without the high.  Perhaps kids with disorders that are responsive to cannabis may benefit from high CBD strains which minimize the “high” and may not result in an altered state of awareness.

I am a believer in wholistic medicine in that MANY of our maladies can be cured simply by diet and exercise.  Of course, some need medication, whether natural/herbal or synthetically derived.  Diet, exercise, and activities should be the FIRST choice of treatment, in my opinion, followed by medicinal plants/herbs if the first choice fails.  Doctors, today, are too quick to whip out the prescription pad.  Remember– they are trained to do this by Big Pharma, so don’t blame your MD.  So, instead of Adderall or Ritalin for a hyperactive kid, how about channeling that energy and enthusiasm?  I have seen highly intelligent kids who were bored by the somnambulist drone at the head of the class, labeled as hyperactive solely because of boredom.  Does anyone think that medicating such a child is a good thing?  And kids who may be of lower-IQ than their peers, may struggle more in school and thereby seek chemical escapes or distractions like sports (to excess) or video games (obsessively).  These kids can be handled much more effectively by getting them to engage in constructive activities commensurate with their abilities and to find a niche where they can be content and happy without the need for excessive intoxication.

Lastly, know that altered states are a natural curiosity of kids– from spinning to make themselves dizzy to alcohol, aerosols, and other intoxicants.  While I certainly don’t recommend this for kids, parents should not freak out if they find some pot in their kid’s drawer, or find him coming home drunk.  It’s not good, but it ain’t the end of the world.  But, I digress.



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