Marijuana use is associated with excessive daytime sleepiness in adolescents — ScienceDaily

Posted: February 14, 2015 in Bad Science, Cannabis, health, Marijuana
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Marijuana use is associated with excessive daytime sleepiness in adolescents — ScienceDaily.


Reading this article may make one believe that marijuana use CAUSES narcolepsy!  This is an egregious example of bad science.  One has to wonder if this paper was written by a PhD wannabe, whose professor is incompetent or has an anti-cannabis agenda.  Why?  Let me explain:

There are dozens of causes of daytime sleepiness– worries, apnea, staying up late studying, staying up late partying, staying up late playing video games, staying up late watching TV, staying up late surfing the Internet, staying up late on social media, etc, etc.  Notice a theme?

Recently, a New Zealand study found that “marijuana use associated with lower IQ”, which I wrote about in an earlier blog, with the same BULLSHIT ALERT for the usual reason:  Correlation does not mean causality.  I’ll bet every one of these sleepy students also drank water the previous day.  Perfect correlation, but was it causal?  Of course not.

Quite often, kids challenged by school, because of lower IQs, poor study habits, unsupportive parents, or simple lack of motivation, will seek escapes more than other students.  They may gravitate toward sports, video games, social media, and yes, alcohol, other drugs and cannabis.  But it should be clear that the struggle with school and subsequent avoidance of responsibility is the causal factor, not vice versa.

Perhaps these sleepy students all come from impoverished neighborhoods, where kids typically work after school to help support the families.  Could these kids be coming home at 10PM and then staying up late studying?  Is there anything in this brilliant study to disprove that?  To prove something else?  Nope!  Bad science.

I hope you use this sort of critical thinking when the media tries to feed you BULLSHIT about cannabis as well as other topics.  I see DOZENS of examples daily; don’t be fooled by them.  Teach yourself to critically think and whenever presented with blah-blah-blah ASSOCIATED WITH blah-blah-blah, ponder other causes besides the implied cause and ponder the probability of an alternate explanation.  You may be surprised.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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