The Problem With Pot.


OMG– BULLSHIT OVERLOAD!  “This isn’t your grandfather’s pot”, LOL, because the THC average used to be about 5% in the 1960’s, and is averaging 13% now.  Well, there is a lot of pot with as much as 25% THC, and let’s not forget oil, which is 8o% THC.  Are you frightened yet?  Has it ever occurred to these half-wits that a person uses LESS of the stronger stuff?  I wonder if these morons drink vodka or burbon by the six pack, as one might with beer.  Actually, giving the BULLSHIT they spew, probably so.

The sad thing is that these are people of influence and they KNOW better– how could they not?  I wonder how much Big Pharma is paying these idiots.  Or the prison guards’ union?  Or Addiction treatment centers?  A classic thing that seems to be occurring is that some guy starts a rehab facility, then works out a deal with schools to “help” those poor teens who are ADDICTED to pot.  So, when kids are caught with weed, they are given a choice:  Expulsion or rehab.  Guess what ANYONE would choose!  Then, the rehab founder, touts his statistics about how many kids are ADDICTED to weed, with a very authoritarian manner comments, “This is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are MILLIONS MORE similarly addicted.”, and creates his own self-fulfilling prophesy.

All these lowering of IQ, heart attacks, and more have been thoroughly debunked.  So, either these fools have their heads lodged where fecal matter may enter their nostrils, or they indeed are drinking bourban by the six-pack of 12 oz bottles.  Or, what is far MORE likely, they’re getting paid for misinforming their readers.  Do they tout the cancer fighting abilities, the help with PTSD, auto-immune diseases, inflammation, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis symptoms, seizures, and more.  What assholes!



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