Teen cannabis users have poor long-term memory in adulthood — ScienceDaily.


Once again, this reeks of bad science– of scientists who cannot differentiate between coincidence and causality.

How do we know that these chronic users of cannabis did not have anomalous hippocampus shapes to begin with?  How do we know that they didn’t have mental problems that led them to chronically use cannabis?  How do we know that they didn’t have bad memory before the cannabis use?  COINCIDENCE DOES NOT PROVE CAUSALITY!

Do you have a back problem, say?  And did you drink milk as a child?  This “study” as akin to saying “CHILDHOOD MILK CONSUMPTION LINKED WITH BACK PAIN LATER IN LIFE”.  It is just as valid.  More than 80 million Americans use cannabis– do we have 80 million people with bad memories, mishapen hippocampi, or other anomalies purportedly caused by cannabis?  Hardly!

Personally, I think there must me something wrong with 16 year olds chronically using cannabis.  Normal 16 year olds have plenty of other distractions than abusing cannabis.  Many will experiment, and even use it regularly– say, at a Saturday Night party.  But, few will use it daily, let alone chronically, unless there is something wrong with them to push them this way.

Kids who struggle in school may have emotional problems, other mental problems, or have lower IQ’s, making school more difficult and challenging for them.  To help them cope, they seek distractions– intoxication, video games, sports, Internet– pretty much anything BUT studying.  In this example, it is their underlying condition that is causal, not the other way around.  Video games, intoxication, sports, Internet, and other distractions are not the CAUSES of their mental issues. but vice versa.

Now comes the irritating bottom line:  ANY scientist worth the paper on which their degree is conferred, knows this.  So, one must assume that these “researchers” at Northwestern are either incompetent, or were pressured by grants (from Big Pharma?) to mislead people.  THAT is more frightening to me than the purported brain damage from cannabis, because few people understand the nuances I am writing about, and will believe the BS.  Remember the recent “ADOLESCENT CANNABIS USE CAUSES DROP OF 8-10 IQ POINTS”?  Note, a short time after my BULLSHIT ALERT, other scientists debunked this as non-causal?  We will likely read the same rebuttal or retraction of this study within a few weeks.  Watch for it.

These studies usually are “meta-analyzed” from existing questionnaires, as grad students search for things that correlate, then they jump to absurd conclusions.  While the grad students may be naive and unaware of causality (which I find incomprehensible from the get-go– this IS common sense, folks.  If you sneeze and a plane crashes, the correlation may be perfect, but it should be obvious that the sneeze did not cause the plane to crash, not vice versa.), but their professors SHOULD BE well aware of it or they should not be teaching.  So, one must assume that they are mercenaries– touting their grantors’ positions for money.  Intellectual whores is what they are, and sadly, our world is full of them.

When you read articles like this underlying one, THINK about causality.  Are there alternate explanations to their conclusions?  Could the correlation be reversed?  If “pot smokers are more likely to commit suicide”, could their underlying grief and emotional issues that are making them despondent, not be ALSO causing them to seek intoxication?  More likely than not.  And, you all are smart enough to figure that out without me pointing it out.  Just remember:  CORRELATION DOES NOT PROVE CAUSALITY.  Don’t let them mislead you.

AuntieBS on Friday the 13th



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