Medical Marijuana: the Myths and Realities – Yahoo News.

This is a poor-quality article, touting mostly the “official” lines, ignores findings that have occurred in the last decade, focuses in 50-year-old knowledge, and has much misinformation– like a doctor will determine the proper dosage.  I guarantee that I– and likely you– know more about cannabis than 95% of the physicians, whose information sources is what Big Pharma provides and controls, not to mention all the funding they provide to medical schools (pill-pushing 101).

Where are the mentions of its efficacy in fighting cancer, aiding sleep, controlling PTSD, seizures, autoimmune diseases, IBS, anxiety?  Why no mention of its bronchial expansion properties for use in COPD?  What about diabetes, prevention of lung cancer, Parkinson’s symptoms?  And what about drinking it in tea?  Many of the cannabinoids are only soluble in fats, so cannabis tea is largely a waste.

This article was written by someone strongly influenced by Big Pharma and has too many ommissions to be accidental.



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