The Great Pot Experiment | TIME

Posted: May 15, 2015 in Bad Science, Cannabis, health, Marijuana, PTSD, seizures
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The Great Pot Experiment | TIME.

Not a bad article, but I am concerned that the study on adolescent reduction in IQ– which was debunked by me as well as others– is vaguely mentioned.  It could be an honest mistake, but it DOES cause a bit of concern, as does the implication that cannabis alters DNA and thus affects children of pot users.  If this were so, we would see an epidemic of affected kids.  Pot has been used for millenia, but in large populations since the 1960’s.  Assuming that a person was 15 in 1960, they could have spawned 3 generations since– where are all the damaged kids?

It is highly unlikely that there is any DNA alteration resulting from cannabis use.  The naysayers have tried this DNA ruse in the past,  and this might be another hidden attempt at validating that meme.



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