Association between teen sleep patterns, alcohol or marijuana use — ScienceDaily.

More bad science here.  Reseachers find a link between how late kids stay up and marijuana and alcohol use.  Duh!  The implication is that adolescents who stay up [and hanging with their buddies] later are more likely to cause marijuana and alcohol use, as if this is a sleep “disorder” caused by cannabis.  WRONG!

Kids like to hang out and party with other kids.  And, when do they do so?  At night!  Hello?  An accurate article would have pointed out that adolescents rely on their feelings more than their better judgment, hence they stay out later and party more.  Intoxicants are part of the partying and playing scenario.

Also note the source of the study– the Rand corporation.  Yes, the same big corporation that has close ties with government.  Do you think this is a coincidence?  And what will happen if/when the public, en masse, finds out that we’ve been KNOWINGLY misled by our government to demonize cannabis, to the pain and suffering and death that this demonizing has caused countless sufferers of cancer and other diseases that can be cured or managed with cannabis.




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