Study: Scant evidence that medical pot helps many illnesses – Yahoo News.


Countless articles, countless studies, direct evidence to the contrary, and these “researchers” have the chutzpah to deny medical efficacy for conditions KNOWN to be helped by it.  This tells me that they are shills for Big Pharma and lying, or they are incompetent in their methodology.


Sleep – It is a godsend for sleep disorders!

Appetite – Ever get the munchies?  Need I say more?

Pain/Inflammation – Again, no doubt that it WORKS!

Bone Healing – Again direct evidence of 70% reduction in healing time.

Their denial of these four, alone, destroys their credibility. Perhaps it is time to make note of these lying and/or incompetent “researchers” and “doctors” to see if they continue spreading their misinformation, most likely at the behest of Big Pharma or DEA money.



  1. In my own experience it isn’t Big Pharma, it’s scammers hawking “woo-woo” products like Kangan water.

    Speaking as a Radiologic Technologist, you don’t always want to speed up bone healing. It can reduce the correct alignment and sometimes the tensile strength of long bones. In cases like compression fractures of vertebrae where rapid healing is of benefit, a good surgeon will provide you with the loan of a bone growth stimulator that causes vibration attuned to the specific bone’s resonant frequency, causing up to a 200% reduction in heal times. My wife’s was paid for by insurance. Certainly cheaper and more effective than mj.

    I am not knocking medical marijuana though. It’s a useful alternative for many kinds of pain, some tumors, seizure disorders, chemo patients etc. Here in WA the QA testing requirements are higher than anywhere else in the US. Our medical mj patients can be assured of getting what they are paying for, and having controlled consistency for effective dosage.

    • Auntie BS says:

      I can say that I used it for a hip replacement and the doctor told me I would be out of commission for 3 months, “at least”. Instead of hydrocodone, I used oral cannabis, containing 30mg THC, nightly. I slept without pain, the night through, which would not happen with the hydrocodone. At my 30-day checkup, the surgeon scratched his head in wonderment and pronounced me able to resume all my outdoor activities!

      So, I am not sure if your caution applies, but I am very happy with the results.


      • I don’t know the details of your replacement (and wouldn’t violate your privacy by asking), but all the better doctors I’ve worked with are happy with any unexpectedly good result. It’s those unexpected poor results that bother them. We medical workers do know that people generally have great, untapped capacities for self-healing. We just don’t know how to enable patients to throw that switch in themselves. It’s under study.

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