Mixed findings regarding quality of evidence supporting benefit of medical marijuana — ScienceDaily.

This is an example of a disingenuous article, published by shills of the pharmaceutical industry, to cast doubt on the medical efficacy of cannabis, DIRECTLY contradicting my own, and MILLIONS of users’ experiences with the plant.  It’s pure BULLSHIT!

Worse, a JAMA or NEJM article is as close as your physician will likely get to cannabis research, so they will likely scan this (they’re too busy to read the entire article, let alone confirm its veracity through other sources), and tell you, “No, it will not help you, but this little pill which costs $57 each (not to worry, insurance will cover it), MAY do the job, but the fine print will warn you of “stroke, erectile dysfunction, liver damage, addiction, sleep-walking/driving, gout, infertility, headaches, insomnia, nausea, dizziness, numbness, tingling, internal bleeding, or paralysis.”

Where, in this “study” does it mention the dosage, the strain, or any of the countless pertinent components of the “study”?  I– yours truly– have used cannabis for shorter healing of broken bones, pain relief, sleep, appetite enhancement, as a calmative.  I know people who consider it a Godsend, a miracle cure, of their arthritis, to open airways in COPD diseases and asthma, and more.  For this study to claim no efficacy is plainly disingenous and BULLSHIT!  More misinformation from the pharmaceutical lobby….




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