So You Want to Legalize Weed?.

“Marijuana is not a harmless substance, and its consumption is correlated with adverse outcomes (e.g., high school drop-out, mental health disorders); however, it is often hard to prove that marijuana use causes those outcomes.”

Then why make the assertion that it is “not a harmless substance”?  The causality has been debunked in the past (re-published here), and it has been shown that the high school drop outs, the lowered IQs, the mental health disorders were THE REASON for cannabis use, not vice versa.  I.e. sick, troubled people are more likely to seek escapes.

“There is, on the other hand, clear causal evidence linking marijuana use to accidents, cognitive impairment during intoxication and anxiety and panic attacks that sometimes lead to emergency-room visits.”

And shit happens.  ANY intoxicant can increase accidents, anxiety, or panic attacks.  And, it is rather disingenuous to say “cognitive impairment during intoxication”, because that is the DEFINITION of intoxicaiton.  ANY intoxicant causes that!  And emergency room visits are solely because the users are morons.  Anyone who has read anything about cannabis knows that it is non-toxic and that any impairment will diminish after a while– ERs are not necessary, and any half-wit can go to an ER for a mosquito bite.

“Persistent heavy users run the risk of becoming dependent and also suffering from bronchitis.”

True but misleading– the “dependence” is about like having your daily cheeseburger, then feeling uncomfortable one day when they’ve run out.  Normal users do not acquire dependence.  And, the bronchitis is a result of irritation from smoke inhalation.  Today’s stronger pot means fewer hits, and far less likelihood of bronchitis.  And, vaporizers and edibles reduce this further.  Also not mentioned is that cannabis– however ingested– opens the airways and improves breathing.  People use it for COPD.

“There is also strong evidence linking heavy marijuana use with psychotic symptoms, cardiovascular disease and testicular cancer.”

Whoa!  What about its CURATIVE properties for cancer?  I have never heard of any causality for testicular cancer, but plenty of reports of CURING prostate, testicular, breast, brain, and other cancers.  Is this a comment to frighten young males?

And “psychotic symptoms” are, essentially, the symptoms of being REALLY high, and can happen from alcohol, caffeine, and countless other substances.  They’re just trying to frighten the reader.

The author goes on to raise all sorts of concerns, yet these have all been addressed with alcohol sales and use.  What a shame that he had to include a load of BULLSHIT in with some interesting information.



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