What effect does marijuana really have on weight gain? — ScienceDaily

Posted: July 1, 2015 in Bad Science, Cannabis, health, Marijuana
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What effect does marijuana really have on weight gain? — ScienceDaily.

I question this study a bit because it suggests that “cannabis use may be associated with cigarette smoking”, but the implication is that it is smoked, because their data were derived from a nicotine study– already confounding the intended determination.  In fact, the nicotine use carries a multitude of confounders, because it’s use is associated more with lower IQs, rebellious teens, social issues, and other confusing interference, so their very source of data is suspect.  It would be akin to studying heart attack patients for determination if whether heart medicine affects caffeine use.  For the lay, for statistics to work, the population from which you are deriving your data must be randomly selected– a feat often difficult to achieve, and completely ignored here.

What about when cannabis is eaten?  What about medical cannabis patients that eat it at night, and sleep through any “munchies”?  This “study” creates more questions than answers and seems like it was conducted by grad students, not scientists.



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