Safe pot? Tell that to the 62 kids who died.

This article is pure BULLSHIT.  Either Sheila Polk is hopelessly ignorant or she has an agenda that justifies her LYING to us.  NO ONE HAS EVER DIED FROM CANNABIS OD.  It would take something like eating 1500 lbs of it in 15 minutes– an impossibility– to reach a lethal dose.  People TRYING to OD would just fall asleep after ingesting 1/100000th of the lethal amount.

Thankfully, the hundreds of commenters understand this, and only one of her shills– Fidler– and some naive woman citing a UK report (more lies) believe her BULLSHIT.  Sadly, little old men and ladies who live isolated lies might believe it, but what an incredibly disingenuous article!  Abhorrent!



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