BULLSHIT ALERT! Places with more marijuana dispensaries have more marijuana-related hospitalizations — ScienceDaily

Posted: August 11, 2015 in Bad Science, Cannabis, Corruption, government, health, hemp, Marijuana, politics
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Places with more marijuana dispensaries have more marijuana-related hospitalizations — ScienceDaily.

Whoa!  This should read “Urban, low-income areas beget more cannabis dispensaries”.  What is causal here?  The authors– most likely funded by Big Pharma– would like you to think that more cannabis dispensaries means more “marijuana-related hospitalizations”.  Uhm….. what, exactly, is a “marijuana-related hospitalization”?  That some sick person who uses cannabis for some relief needs hospitalization?  Is the cannabis causal to the hospitalization or incidental?  They want you to think it is causal, but what sort of hospitalization would cannabis require?  “Gee, Doc, I feel too good, too happy.  Better rush me to the ER so I can be given nasty opiates to make me feel crappy again”.  Yeah, right!

If anyone watched a recent 60 Minutes episode on cancer drugs, they would understand why the pharmaceutical industry fears cannabis so.  Right now, they can sell some dying bastard $100K worth of chemotherapy medications (price set only by their chutzpah) to extend the guy’s life by 42 days.  Seriously?  Now, here is a plant that might costs nothing to grow and make the man’s cancer disappear.  If you made obscene profits from a chemo drug, wouldn’t you see cannabis as a dire threat to your business?  Big Pharma funds something like 94% of these misleading “studies”, and we have to be diligent in identifying the BULLSHIT, and folks– this article reeks!

The article says”Hospitalizations with marijuana abuse or dependence codes increased from 17,469 in 2001 to 68,408 in 2012. More than 85 percent of marijuana-related hospitalizations were coded as abuse, rather than dependence, and 99.2 percent were secondary codes, meaning the person was primarily hospitalized for something other than marijuana.”

The first sentence implies a 4x increase over 11 years, but the second sentence admits that 99.2% of the hospitalizations had nothing to do with cannabis.  That means that only 0.8% x 68,408 = 547 hospitalizations had anything to do with cannabis, and even then it does not show causality.  All it says is that out of 68 thousand hospitalizations, less than one percent, or 547, were there for cannabis, and it doesn’t even say exactly why.  Were they drunk and also stoned?  Did they get dizzy and fall down, injuring something?  Did they also take opiates?  How, exactly, does one require hospitalization from pot?  Did they get the munchies and choke as they scarfed White Castles?

Keep alert for this sort of BULLSHIT in the press.



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