BULLSHIT ALERT: More Washington Drivers Use Pot And Drive; Effect On Safety Disputed : NPR

Posted: August 20, 2015 in Addiction, Bad Science, Cannabis, Corruption, drugs, government, health, Insanity, Marijuana, politics, SCAMS
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More Washington Drivers Use Pot And Drive; Effect On Safety Disputed : NPR.

What a crock o’ shit!  And from NPR, no less.  I don’t even know where to begin…..  First of all, Cannabis in Washington only became legal in 2014, so comparing years before that is disingenuous.  But this is all a red herring, anyway.  Consider the fact that detecting cannabis metabolites does NOT mean intoxication!  All it means is that the person had ingested cannabis sometime in the previous month.  This is akin to finding a month-old receipt for booze in a driver’s car, and using that to imply drunk driving.  It’s BULLSHIT.  At least the article recognizes that.

But, as the article points out– the statistic is meaningless since cops may be better at spotting stoned drivers– they usually drive too slow.  Moreover, the total number of traffic fatalities have remained the same.

AuntieBS says that it’s a BAD idea to drive under the influence of ANY mind-altering drug and believes that a simple field competence test, administered by a cop with a laptop, using a program to test 1, reaction time, 2, judgment, and 3, coordination.  Does it matter whether or not an incompetent driver is high or inately incompetent?  THAT should be law-enforcement’s focus, instead of always playing catchup to the latest concoction that Big Pharma chemists foist on us, or weird chemicals foist on us by drug dealers selling the lasted designer drugs on unsuspecting kids?

Test for Reaction time, Coordination, and Judgment, with a simple “Driver’s Competence App“, and decide whether the driver is competent or not.  What chemistry they may be able to detect with modern mass spectrometers is inconsequential– if a driver cannot pass a competency test, they do not deserve to drive.  If they subsequently pass, the implication is that they were either tired or under the influence, both of which should garner a fine, or prison if injuries or death occurred.



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