Medical marijuana as the new herbalism, part 2: Cannabis does not cure cancer « Science-Based Medicine

Posted: October 28, 2015 in Cancer, Cannabis, Constitution, health, hemp, Leukemia, Marijuana
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Source: Medical marijuana as the new herbalism, part 2: Cannabis does not cure cancer « Science-Based Medicine

If true, this is indeed disappointing.  The article seems credible, which makes it all the more disappointing.  Yet, are all these anecdotes touting success against cancer just lies?  Maybe, maybe not.  Perhaps there are other factors involved, that this researcher overlooked.  OTOH, this researcher may be a shill for Big Pharma.  I don’t know.  Imagine the financial losses for the cancer industry of this plant cured it.  By denouncing it, you won’t even try, so the anti-cannabis myth perpetuates.  Or not.

We need to get Congress to end the wasteful and harmful DEA, so that drug ABusers can be treated for their medical/psychological conditions, NOT criminal ones.  Secondly, this will allow scientists to study and learn about cannabis and just what it can or cannot do.  Thirdly, where in our Constitution does it give the right of the federal government to be involved with drugs?  It is a States’ right.

Write your congressional representative a STRONGLY WORDED letter or email, and ask WHY– when 58% of Americans want cannabis legalized, WHY HAS YOUR REPRESENTATIVE NOT SPONSORED SUCH LEGISLATION?  What is Congress doing about the will of the people and adherence to our Constitution?  Accept no hand-waving double talk.  Ask specific questions, like “What is preventing you from initiating legislation to decriminalize cannabis, as Portugal has done?”.  Keep bugging them about it and remind them that their political careers will be short if they ignore the will of We, The People!



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