Drug curbs marijuana use, but with tough side effects — BULLSHIT ALERT

Posted: January 15, 2016 in Bad Science, Cannabis, drugs, Marijuana
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Doctors have no approved medicine to help treat marijuana dependence and abuse, but in small new clinical trial, topiramate reduced the amount of cannabis heavy smokers used when they lit up. The results also show, however, that many volunteers couldn’t tolerate the drug’s side effects.

Source: Drug curbs marijuana use, but with tough side effects — ScienceDaily

I have never seen anyone addicted to cannabis, and I have known hundreds of cannabis users.  From my research, cannabis is about as addicting as pizza, cheeseburgers, or ice cream.  What happens more often, however, is that a teen caught with cannabis is given a choice– suspension from school and a blemish on their records, or accept “treatment” and keep it off the school record.  Most will choose the latter, thereby validating this addiction meme.

Now, a scientist should be open-minded and not reject something just because they have not observed it, but casual sampling has yet to show any addiction, leading me to believe this is BULLSHIT.



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