Rise in marijuana in U.S. use not as high as previously reported — ScienceDaily

Posted: February 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

Source: Rise in marijuana in U.S. use not as high as previously reported — ScienceDaily

If you carefully read this, you can immediately tell that the authors are biased against it.  Note expressions like “…the rate of problems related to the drug…” and “…problems related to using pot, such as addiction…”.  The report comes from JAMA– Journal of the American Medical Association, who is funded by Big Pharma. enemies of cannabis.

What “problems”?  What “addiction”?  I’ve known hundreds of cannabis users and am aware of no problems, no addiction, yet I keep reading about it.  If you are busted for pot, and given a choice of jail or rehab, most people would choose rehab, thereby validating the addiction meme, where there really is none– at least no more than cheeseburgers, pizza, or ice cream.  And what “problems” are caused by pot?  Seems to me that most “problems” are caused by irresponsible behavior (like DUI) or work accidents, not by pot itself.

However, in fairness, they say that the increase in use may be partially due to people feeling more comfortable admitting use, and the final paragraph says: “We’re certainly seeing some increases in marijuana use,” Grucza said. “But our survey didn’t notice any increase in marijuana-related problems. Certainly, some people are having problems so we should remain vigilant, but the sky is not falling.”



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