Attend the Holistic Cannabis Summit – Online and Free!

Posted: March 28, 2016 in Cannabis, health, hemp, Marijuana
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Attend the Holistic Cannabis Summit – Online and Free!

Holistic Cannabis Summit

Dear NORML Supporters,

We are delighted to let you know about the incredible line up of speakers and topics being offered, online and at no cost at the Holistic Cannabis Summit: Medical Marijuana: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Medical Marijuana, But Were Afraid to Ask? April 4-7. In fact, NORML’s Deputy Director, Paul Armentano, is delivering the keynote opening remarks on Day 2 of the Summit!

For decades cannabis has been maligned, but the science and the studies support the fact that this ancient plant has incredible therapeutic value for many different health issues. Here’s just a sample of the presentations you can expect to hear from experts in the integrative medicine and cannabis communities:

  • How Cannabis Can Help Heal the Gut
  • Why Therapeutic Cannabis Should Be First Line Medicine for Seizures, Not Last Resort
  • Cannabis: Is the Ultimate Herbal Medicine for Stress, Anxiety & Depression?
  • The Most Common Reasons for Medical Cannabis

This ground-breaking event will bring top-tier cannabis and holistic health speakers directly to you at absolutely NO COST! The Summit is free the day of a presentation and for the following 24 hours; after that the program is available for purchase. If you know you simply cannot devote the time for this 4-day amazing event, take a look at purchasing the entire Summit now. The best value is to purchase BEFORE the event begins on April 4th.



The NORML Team



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