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A group of federal researchers commissioned by the government to prove that cannabis has “no accepted medical use” may have unwittingly let information slip through the cracks, revealing how cannab…

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Source: Does cannabis treat cancer? It saved this man’s life. | Green Flower Media

Experts say listing cannabis among the world’s deadliest drugs ignores decades of scientific and medical data. But attempts to delist it have met with decades of bureaucratic inertia and political distortion

Source: The Science behind the DEA’s Long War on Marijuana – Scientific American

There are thousands of strains of weed. Cracking their genetic codes may be the key to transforming pot from a budding business to a high-flying industry.

Source: A New Crop of Marijuana Geneticists Sets Out to Build Better Weed | WIRED

Source: Jamaica To Legalise Cannabis And Fire The Queen | Your News Wire

And the key is:  “We don’t know whether decreased dopamine was a preexisting condition or the result of heavy cannabis use,” said Dr. Abi-Dargham. “But the bottom line is that long-term, heavy cannabis use may impair the dopaminergic system, which could have a variety of negative effects on learning and behavior.”

Source: Heavy cannabis use associated with reduced dopamine release in brain: Effect similar to other addictions — ScienceDaily

Another example of causality being unknown.  At least the author admits it, in this case.  It could just as easily be that people with reduced dopamine release gravitate toward drugs that help increase it.  BUT, it could mean that being high all the time is not the best idea you might have.  “Moderation” was the advice from Grandma.