Medical community must avoid the mistakes that were made with opioids.

Source: Medical Marijuana: How to Prevent Addiction


This half-wit equates heroin with cannabis, when there IS no comparison.  Cannabis “addiction” is about like coffee or cheeseburger “addiction”.  If you don’t have your Starbucks or McDonald’s fix, you might be unhappy, sleepy, dull, tired, and craving a good cup of java or a burger and fries, but ADDICTING?????  Watch a heroin or meth addict going through withdrawal if you want to know addiction.  This alarmist puke is either incredibly misinformed or has an agenda.

What often happens is that kids get caught with cannabis in school, and are then given a choice– expulsion and jail, or volunteer to enroll in a drug rehab program for ADDICTION!  What kid would choose jail over listening to some counselor drone espouse the benefits of sobriety???  So, this creates statistics and thereby justifies treating cannabis users for ADDICTION!  What horseshit!

How many cannabis “addicts” do you know?  That, alone, should tell you something.  And, if one claims to be addicted, watch their almost non-existent withdrawal.  The extent of cannabis withdrawal, after chronic use, means a day or two of sleep difficulty and an off feeling, about like if you didn’t get your coffee fix for the day.  BFD!

Be wary of articles like this, as the authors usually have an agenda.  Few are truly as clueless as this guy seems to be.



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