Cannabinoids: The Other Vitamin ‘C’? | TruthTheory

Posted: August 29, 2016 in Cannabis, health, Marijuana
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By Dr. Matthew Buckley, PSc.D. via Waking Times Throughout the nation, one of the hottest social and political discussions right now is whether or not we should legalize marijuana. I believe that when examining what is known about the utility and the importance of the marijuana plant, specifically as it relates to health, it becomes clear…

Source: Cannabinoids: The Other Vitamin ‘C’? | TruthTheory

I have hypothesized this exact same meme– that cannabis is like a vitamin.  How else would one explain the incredibly wide range of efficacy for so many maladies?  When something goes awry with our endocannabinoid system, cannabinoids can restore that balance, and bring back health.  Imagine if cancer was just a “vitamin” deficiency!  We have much to learn about the endocannabinoid system.



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