The ‘Julia Child of Weed’ Explains How You’re Making Edibles Wrong – SOME BULLSHIT

Posted: October 5, 2016 in Cannabis, Cooking, edibles, health, Marijuana
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The average pot enthusiast is more likely to dump an ounce of mids into some brownie batter than whip up something digestible and effective, so we asked the author of The 420 Gourmet, to share some of his best tips to up your cannabis cooking.

Source: The ‘Julia Child of Weed’ Explains How You’re Making Edibles Wrong | VICE | United States

From this synopsis, the author states that putting cannabis into your brownie mix is likely to make you sick.  Not true!  And the math is simple:  1 oz (28g) of 21% THC contains: 28 * .21 = 5.88g of THC in that ounce of cannabis.  Know your dosage:  Mine was 50mg THC to treat my malady.  So, 5.88g is 5880 mg.  Divide this by the dosage: 5880/50 = 117.6 doses, each with 50mg.  Or is it?

One problem is that that raw cannabis’ THC is in a carboxylated form, THCa, and requires heat to decarboxylate it:


Grinding the cannabis finely, using a coffee grinder, then putting the powder into a dry jar, then float the sealed jar in a pot of boiling water, with a lid covering it, is a simple way to decarboxylate it.  This will ensure that the cannabis is dry, but subject to 100°C heat.  I did this for 100-120 minutes, then dumped the decarboxylated powder into about 24oz melted chocolate (with 3 TBSP coconut oil to maintain consistency) that is mixed THOROUGHLY to ensure homogeneity, and then divided into the 117 (120 is close enough) doses.

The resulting chocolates each provide the desired 50mg dose with a slight cannabis taste, not objectionable at all.  The author’s concerns about pesticides are valid, so be sure to know your source (usually monitored in states where medical cannabis is legal).

Also, if you eat your 50mg doses for any length of time, you will develop tolerance.  Within 3 months, my theraputic dose because 100mg, so it was necessary to eat 2 of the chocolates.  But, abstaining from cannabis for ~30 days restores the tolerance down to virgin levels.

Lastly, BE CAREFUL.  The fulle effects of eating cannabis do not manifest themselves for 30-180 minutes, with about 120 minutes being the usual, so BE PATIENT, lest you OD.  You cannot fatally OD, but if you eat significantly more than your normal dosage, the effects can be most unpleasant, and just eating food and relaxing to wait it out are the usual advice given.




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