Here’s What the National Academy’s Medical Cannabis Report Actually Says | Leafly — BULLSHIT ALERT!

Posted: January 14, 2017 in Uncategorized

The report found that cannabis has legitimate medical applications, contradicting the federal government’s hardline position.

Source: Here’s What the National Academy’s Medical Cannabis Report Actually Says | Leafly

What a crock of shit!  I got all moist with anticipation when I read the title, thinking “Finally, the truth comes out”, but am so disappointed I could cry.  This is yet another “meta-study”, which means no new research; just a review of existing research.  Well, shit!  We’ve (many of us) have already been reviewing research for the past decade or two.  Further, they ignored the SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, by the NIH and others, because it was performed on animal models!!!!  Instead, they relied on reports of self-medication, as reported by medical professionals– you know, the Tommy Chong types, “Like wow, man, like I think I had cancer, man, but I took 3 tokes of this shit and, like wow, man, it went away”.  Sadly, this is mostly how we know what we know.

Most of the report cites “no evidence” one way or another, or slight correlations, mostly from people who SMOKE cannabis, but little mention was made about the efficacy of edible cannabis, which gets much more of the cannabinoids into the body, albeit in a more time-release fashion.

So, what we essentially have here, as far as medical use of cannabis is concerned, is a summary of anecdotes from inhaled cannabis users, as reported to medical professional, and because of Draconian DEA restrictions, research of cannabis effects by scientists has been excluded from the report, citing in vitro tests on animal models as justification.  Thus, Congress and DEA will cite the findings here as lacking evidence of medical efficacy to justify their continued Draconian views, resulting in continued obstacles to further research, the classic “catch-22”.  Very disappointing, and virtually worthless, but providing additional fodder to governmental agencies to continue their misguided restrictions on cannabis.

What is sorely lacking is scientific methodology in human experiments by volunteers who choose to treat their maladies with cannabis, whereby scientists and medical researchers can measure dosage and effects, as well as perform double-blind studies on willing patients.  Current DEA edicts preclude this.

A disappointed and angry AuntieBS



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