Breaking research could help to combat rise in drivers impaired by edible marijuana consumption–ScienceDaily BULLSHIT ALERT

Posted: February 12, 2017 in Uncategorized

Though marijuana edibles are becoming increasingly common, scant information exists on how to test drivers for impairment following their consumption. For the first time, research evaluates the performance of roadside saliva tests for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) following consumption of edibles, showing that lower THC cutoff points are needed for these tests to effectively detect marijuana ingestion.

Source: Breaking research could help to combat rise in drivers impaired by edible marijuana consumption — ScienceDaily

A person might test positive for various levels of cannabinoids for hours, days, or weeks after cannabis ingestion, but any experienced user can tell you that there is little, if any, correlation with impairment.  From this “study”, they might detect some level of cannabinoids, say, 12 hours after ingestion, but the driver is not impaired at all.  Blood or saliva content should not be a metric in determining cannabis impairment.

With the plethora of intoxicants available, and the never-ending newly-created designer drugs on the market, a simple solution is to directly test for impairment.  This can easily be accomplished via a laptop application that tests for coordination, judgment, and reaction time.  Then, it becomes of secondary importance as to which intoxicant is affecting a driver, and the degree of impairment becomes the determining factor.

AuntieBS urges her readers to contact your congressional representatives and demand direct measurement of impairment instead of these bogus metabolite tests, which often do not correlate with impairment at all.



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