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Researchers found that women who used marijuana while pregnant were almost three times more likely to have an infant with low birth weight. It is the first large-scale study in Canada to show this association between maternal marijuana use and low birth weight infants.

Source: Maternal marijuana use linked to low birth weight — ScienceDaily


I am having trouble with this one, also, and believe that other factors are at play.  For one, most educated women would naturally not risk smoking marijuana while pregnant, just as a precaution, since so much is at stake.  So, what kind of woman WOULD smoke marijuana while pregnant?  Less educated ones?  Women more likely to also smoke cigarettes and consume alcohol?  Woman who might also take prescription drugs, or how about women who eat junk food, and otherwise eat poorly and suffer from malnutrition?

The study at least addressed socio-economic factors, which poor quality, shill studies often omit, and admitted possible errors due to the nature of their data, so that is to be commended.  But, I believe that other factors will be determined to be causal, besides the marijuana.  Still, there is enough doubt, that instinctively, I would avoid marijuana if pregnant, just in case.  Anyone with half a brain would not risk consuming an intoxicant while pregnant, so women without half a brain, who would risk marijuana use might also be more likely to take other risks, which are more likely to be causal.


Legal marijuana shops are linked to higher levels of property crime in nearby areas, according to a nearly three-year study in Denver.

Source: Legal marijuana stores lead to increases in property crime: Crime hits nearby neighborhoods, not area around the outlets — ScienceDaily


This study does not make sense.  What could possibly be a causal factor here?  While people drink in bars; and alcohol lowers inhibitions, judgment, and increases violence; they may engage in more crime as they leave and head for home or other venues.  Marijuana does not increase violence and any lowering of judgment and inhibitions is minimal by comparison.  Further, people do not consume marijuana in the outlets, as they do alcohol in bars.  Instead, they usually go home and use the marijuana there.  Some, may have their tokes as they leave the outlets, but the usage pattern of the two are different.  People generally do not commit crimes to support either alcohol or marijuana, as they do with opiates or methamphetamine.

So, what could be the cause here?  Could zoning laws that limit marijuana outlets to industrial areas have something to do with it?  Possibly.  Could biased “researchers” attempting to imply addiction to be a driving factor?  Also possible, of not more so.

While I cannot pinpoint it, I smell a strong odor of BULLSHIT here, if only for the alleged correlation, when there should be none.  Anyone with any experience with marijuana would tell you that this makes no sense, and the marijuana is unlikely to be causal.  Could junkies and meth heads just happen to frequent areas near marijuana outlets?  Perhaps.  The odor of BULLSHIT is strong, but I cannot pinpoint the origin of it.


Illicit cannabis use and cannabis use disorders increased at a greater rate in states that passed medical marijuana laws than in other states, according to latest research. The new study is among the first to analyze the differences in cannabis use and cannabis use disorders before and after states passed medical marijuana laws, as well as differentiate between earlier and more recent periods and additionally examine selected states separately.

Source: Do medical marijuana laws promote illicit cannabis use and disorder? — ScienceDaily


Big Pharma is at it again, with such scary headlines and implications that laws make us use intoxicants– FAKE SCIENCE.  OMG, alcohol is legal in the U.S., therefore we must all drink.  It is rare that a law prevents people from using intoxicants or other things that they want.  Murder is against the law, yet people commit it.  Heroin, methamphetamine, and opiates are ubiquitous, yet illegal.  And so on.

Further, laws tend to keep people in the closets, not advertising the fact that they are users of a banned substance, yet if/when legal, they may freely talk about it and answer surveys more honestly.

All this paper tells us is that people are more open about cannabis use where it is legal.  Duh!  And what IF more people indulged in something legal; is that bad thing?  That more people drink when a dry county legalizes alcohol sales?  Oh my goodness.

These and other BS headlines and scare stories should prompt intelligent people to think about the message, look around and see how truthful it may be, and scrutinize it.  We hear the term “fake news” that spins meaning where there is none, that sensationalizes, distorts, and manipulates us into believing something other than the pure truth.  Well, this is fake science, in the same vein.


A new study points to cannabis as a trigger for schizophrenia. The research finds that smoking pot or using cannabis in other ways during adolescence may serve as a catalyst for schizophrenia in individuals already susceptible to the disorder.

Source: Cannabis use in adolescence linked to schizophrenia: Psychoactive compound in cannabis may trigger the brain disorder, researchers say — ScienceDaily


OK– this is not true bullshit, as one finds in the press– it is science.  BUT, the results are meaningless and already misused.  It would be like saying, in shocking fonts and terms, that ORANGE JUICE CAUSES URINATION.  Well, uhm, yes it does, but so does plain water, milk, fruit, coffee, …

Cannabis causes an altered state; an altered awareness, increased visualization, enhanced imagination, in some cases, paranoia and anxiety.  For someone on the cusp of hearing voices and seeing things that aren’t there, cannabis could indeed trigger it.  But, so could hypnosis, a story in a book, a television show, a traumatic event, or even someone playing tricks on the victim, like ringing the doorbell and quickly hiding, or calling the victim on the phone and hanging up.  Anything that stimulates the imagination, especially if/when fear is involved, can trigger schizophrenia….in a schizophrenic.  But, these things do not cause schizophrenia;  cannabis is not causal.

So, this study really tells us little, but will be misused to justify Draconian persecution of cannabis users, and the popular media will twist it into implying that it is, indeed, causal.  So, it is BULLSHIT.


You wouldn’t think chili peppers and marijuana have much in common. But when eaten, both interact with the same receptor in our stomachs, according to a new paper. The research could lead to new therapies for diabetes and colitis, and opens up intriguing questions about the relationship between the immune system, the gut and the brain.

Source: Chili peppers and marijuana calm the gut, study suggests: The active ingredients in both hot peppers and cannabis calm the gut’s immune system — ScienceDaily

Scientists have shown that the risk of developing psychosis, such as hallucinations, from cannabis use is small compared to the number of total users.

Source: Risk of psychosis from cannabis use lower than originally thought, say scientists — ScienceDaily

Excess sugar — especially the fructose in sugary drinks — might damage your brain, new research suggests. Researchers found that people who drink sugary beverages frequently are more likely to have poorer memory, smaller overall brain volume, and a significantly smaller hippocampus. A follow-up study found that people who drank diet soda daily were almost three times as likely to develop stroke and dementia when compared to those who did not.

Source: Is soda bad for your brain? (And is diet soda worse?): Both sugary, diet drinks correlated with accelerated brain aging — ScienceDaily


Diet sodas are a departure from my usual topics, but this jumps out at me because it is the same old causality mistake that so many “scientists” make.  I ask you, regardless of your background, who tends to drink diet sodas more, skinny people or fat people?  I’d say that it is fat people, more often than not, because they are trying to find a simple way to reduce calories (though diet sodas actually stimulate appetite and make them fatter, but that’s off-topic.).

So, what this is more likely telling us is that fat people are more likely to develop stroke and dementia, NOT that the diet sodas are causal.

Remember:  Correlation is NOT causality!  This mistake is often made with cannabis users.


Taking cannabidiol may cut seizures in half for some children and adults with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS), a severe form of epilepsy, according to new information from a large scale controlled clinical study. Cannabidiol is a molecule from the cannabis plant that does not have the psychoactive properties that create a ‘high.’

Source: Cannabis-based medicine may cut seizures in half for those with tough-to-treat epilepsy — ScienceDaily