Marijuana and vulnerability to psychosis; ScienceDaily

Posted: July 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

The link between marijuana use and psychotic-like experiences has been confirmed in a Canadian adolescent cohort.

Source: Marijuana and vulnerability to psychosis — ScienceDaily

While this may not be bullshit, it may be overblown.  It’s easy to get paranoid and mis-perceive reality when stoned, and possibly a bit after.  But, this is like a “duh” moment because any mind-altering, or more accurately, perception-altering intoxicant can do this.  But, it goes away after a while.

Now, I should comment that I do not approve of adolescents getting intoxicated on anything– there is just too much to learn about and perceive while sober/straight to confuse the brain with intoxicants, but it may not be the end of the world as the frowning “experts” believe.  Still, I think youth is to be experienced in full presence of mind, and intoxicants can come later.



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