This blog was started to dispel myths and lies about guns and drugs, but included other lies and stupidity in our attitudes and polices, hence began GunsDrugsAndInsanity.

After a while, I began to see numerous other lies foist on us by government and the media, and thought “this is bullshit” and wrote about it.  Soon, I realized that my hot buttons were not simply about guns and drugs, but spanned the gamut, with bullshit being at the heart, and thusly Auntie Bullshit (Auntie BS) was born.  While guns and drugs are still areas that stench from the plethora of bullshit about both, this blog will not be limited to these two topics.

What am I hoping to accomplish?  I would like to raise awareness of just how much corruption pervades our society, who is lying and why, and hopefully induce people to increase their own awareness and take action to stop this corruption.  If we just remain sheep, blindly trust corporations and government to do what is best for us, our country will fall apart to tyranny and the American Dream will become a faded memory.  We must educate ourselves and take action, whether by writing blogs, contacting our representatives, actively protesting, and helping to increase general awareness of this malfeasance that permeates our government at all levels, from schools to Washington, D. C.  Things have gotten the way they are because We, The People, have been complacent and let it occur while we watch TV, play video games, and do what we do.  The more you search, the more lies and corruption you will find!  Let’s restore the American Dream.

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