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College students who consume medium-to-high levels of alcohol and marijuana have a consistently lower GPA, according to a new study.

Source: Consumption of alcohol and marijuana associated with lower GPA in college: Medium-to-high consumption of both substances associated with lower college GPA over two years — ScienceDaily

You will probably see this as front-page news in the mainstream media.  Self-important people will be smugly saying “I told you so”, and many naive people will believe the implication– that marijuana and alcohol CAUSE lower grade scores.

Has it ever occurred to them what happens to the student that lacks good study habits, or parents that push them to study,  or lacks the self-discipline to pay attention in school, or hangs with the wrong crowd and is distracted by alternate interests, like cars, dating, social networks, video games, etc?  That type of student will not only struggle more in school, but will be more likely to associate with similar struggling students who find yet ANOTHER distraction:  getting high!  It feels good, is fun, and helps them to forget their misery in school.

Time and time again, I see misplaced causality.  Many legitimate studies have have debunked cannabis as the causal agent, and attributed the cause to be as I have just suggested– socioeconomic conditions are the cause of the marijuana or alcohol (or other intoxicants) use, not vice versa.  What is more fun– playing computer games or studying?  Without parental pressure to do the latter, kids will succumb to distractions and THAT causes poor studying habits and increased struggles.  Finding yet another distraction (getting high) is a natural follower.


Chronic pain sufferers and those taking mental health meds would rather turn to cannabis instead of their prescribed opioid medication, according to new research.

Source: Given the choice, patients will reach for cannabis over prescribed opioids — ScienceDaily

Learn how cannabis can be used to help athletes recover from inflammation and pain, and hear former NFL quarterback Jake Plummer’s story.

Source: Can Cannabis Help with Inflammation for Athletes? | Leafly

Using marijuana could help some alcoholics and people addicted to opioids kick their habits, a new study suggests. The research also found some evidence that medical cannabis may help with symptoms of depression, PTSD and social anxiety. However, the review concluded that cannabis use might not be recommended for conditions such as bipolar disorder and psychosis.

Source: Marijuana could help treat drug addiction, mental health, study suggests — ScienceDaily

In a speech to high school students in Kentucky, Loretta Lynch said that opioids are the true gateway drugs, not cannabis.

Source: U.S. Attorney General Says Cannabis Is Not a Gateway Drug | Leafly

Most people would get a little ‘rush’ out of the idea that they’re about to win some money. In fact, if you could look into their brain at that very moment, you’d see activity in the part of the brain that responds to rewards. But for marijuana users, that rush just isn’t as big — and gets smaller over time, a new study finds. And that may open them up to more risk of addiction.

Source: Marijuana use dampens brain’s response to reward over time, study finds: Changes may increase risk of continued drug use and addiction — ScienceDaily

While this article may be true, consider the way the human body works.  Almost ANYTHING you do, repeatedly, results in changes to our neurotransmitter receptors in the brain.  If you eat a cheeseburger, various reward neurons fire..initially.  Repeat it, and the number of receptors declines slowly until the brain’s response is ho-hum, another cheeseburger.

Indeed, one builds tolerance to cannabis.  One medical patient began with 25mg THC for sleep, nightly, and gradually, over a year or two, required 120mg for the same effect.  But, this tolerance disappeared within a month of discontinued use, and the patient again obtained the desired sleep results with 25mg THC.

So, while the essence of this article is indeed true, the effects are unremarkable, and not necessarily as dire or frightening as some might think.  On the other hand, repeatedly altering one’s chemistry may not be wise if done chronically– you know, “too much of a good thing”?  Moderation is generally wise in consuming or doing most things.


Medical community must avoid the mistakes that were made with opioids.

Source: Medical Marijuana: How to Prevent Addiction


This half-wit equates heroin with cannabis, when there IS no comparison.  Cannabis “addiction” is about like coffee or cheeseburger “addiction”.  If you don’t have your Starbucks or McDonald’s fix, you might be unhappy, sleepy, dull, tired, and craving a good cup of java or a burger and fries, but ADDICTING?????  Watch a heroin or meth addict going through withdrawal if you want to know addiction.  This alarmist puke is either incredibly misinformed or has an agenda.

What often happens is that kids get caught with cannabis in school, and are then given a choice– expulsion and jail, or volunteer to enroll in a drug rehab program for ADDICTION!  What kid would choose jail over listening to some counselor drone espouse the benefits of sobriety???  So, this creates statistics and thereby justifies treating cannabis users for ADDICTION!  What horseshit!

How many cannabis “addicts” do you know?  That, alone, should tell you something.  And, if one claims to be addicted, watch their almost non-existent withdrawal.  The extent of cannabis withdrawal, after chronic use, means a day or two of sleep difficulty and an off feeling, about like if you didn’t get your coffee fix for the day.  BFD!

Be wary of articles like this, as the authors usually have an agenda.  Few are truly as clueless as this guy seems to be.