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A conflict between state and federal law has long bedeviled patients who rely on medical marijuana and the clinics that supply them with their drug.

Source: Court Upholds Ban on Federal Interference with Medical Marijuana Laws


Marijuana Backed By More Studies Than Most FDA Approved Pharma Drugs | Inspire Amaze.

House Bill Would Force Feds To Respect State Marijuana Laws.

Even Fox News Shows Majority Of Americans Now Support Marijuana Legalization.

U.S. Justice Department Says It Will Ignore Federal Law and Prosecute People for Medical Marijuana Despite Congressional Spending Ban | Drug Policy Alliance.


If this doesn’t outrage you, I don’t know what will.


Pot Research Stalled Even As Legalization Grows | Al Jazeera America.

What BULLSHIT!   Any wonder why 94% of the research is to find something WRONG with cannabis?


On marijuana, Obama is a huge hypocrite | Rare.