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Sadly, we are permeated with BULLSHIT throughout our society.  People killing in the name of religion, people spreading viruses and other malware, politicians defying our Constitution, pundits lying to the public, cannabis is illegal while countless harmful drugs– many endorsed by the FDA– are FAR more dangerous.  The list goes on.

This 6 minute video about gun crime/facts is a MUST WATCH if you are anti bullshit!

Auntie BS


DEA Steals $16,000 In Cash From Young Black Man, Because He Must Be A Drug Dealer.

You should be outraged over this!  Write your representatives!


Bid to legalize marijuana in Arizona has some advocates seeing red | US news | The Guardian.

How long does it take for these morons to realize that prohibition does not work???  And, how long does it take for the voters to realize that these naysaying assholes are defying the will of the people and should be voted OUT?????


Responsible Marijuana Smoking: Moderation in All Things | Marijuana.

Smell the Truth » Leading medical marijuana lab raided in Pasadena.

U.S. Justice Department Says It Will Ignore Federal Law and Prosecute People for Medical Marijuana Despite Congressional Spending Ban | Drug Policy Alliance.


If this doesn’t outrage you, I don’t know what will.


On marijuana, Obama is a huge hypocrite | Rare.