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David Codrea: The Going Rate | The Daily Caller.

There is a lot of anti-gun propaganda being foist on us incessantly, touting how great it is in the U.K., because guns are illegal.  Well, they have THREE TIMES the number of assaults, rapes, and violent robberies than the U.S. does, maybe more.

This definitely belongs in the BULLSHIT category of misleading the public.  Remember– when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.  People– citizens, victims– are the first responders to a crime.  In Israel, 2 days ago, A Palestinian threw acid on a family and an armed passer-by shot the Palestinian and held him until police arrived.

Guns do not kill, but ANY weapon in a criminal’s hands, can and often do.  Law-abiding gun owners are RARELY a problem to anyone, yet the naive pass restrictions on the 99.9999% of gun owners who are NOT a problem to anyone, in a misguided attempt to thwart the 0.0001% of the criminals….who do NOT heed the new laws (or old ones) in the first place.  Folks, think rationally, vote rationally.


NRA-ILA | Study Assault Weapon and CCW Restrictions Associated with Higher Murder Rates.


You mean criminals do not heed laws?  No!  Say it ain’t so…..

The Polemicist: The Rifle on the Wall: A Left Argument for Gun Rights.


Long, but interesting read for anyone with a pro, or anti, gun position.

For those of you that read my blogs, you know that I usually just re-post articles that strike a chord– articles that seem absurd, unfair, or insane to me.  The most common seem to be about guns and marijuana.  But, today, I feel compelled to share a wider observation, not necessarily related to an article I’ve read.

We are told that we, as Americans, are free.  Yet, we are restricted on what we can ingest, what we can buy or own, even what professions in which we can engage.  Although there are exceptions, for the most part, we cannot grow, buy, own, or use marijuana– a plant.  Why is that?  “It is intoxicating”.  So?  Why can I ingest alcohol, smoke nutmeg, sniff gasoline, drink coffee or energy drinks, drink valerian root tea, and more?  All those will get you “high”.  But marijuana is evil?  WTF?  And if you want to sell lemonade, cut hair, sell cut flowers, or start a moving company, you must apply for a license?  Why?  Who says?  The established lemonade vendors?  The barbers?  Florists?  Moving companies?  No kidding– in Kentucky, if you want to start your own moving company, you must seek permission from existing moving companies!  Yeah, like THAT is gonna happen…

We ARE free, as long as we engage in activities that others decide are legal.  Try buying a common handgun with a 15-shot magazine in California.  Try buying the most common rifle– the AR-15– in California. Try selling lemonade in Coralville, Iowa, or Midway, Georgia…. unless you buy a license.  I don’t recall where, but I saw on the news that a man selling cut flowers was shut down, because he didn’t have a license.  A license?  To sell cut flowers? And so on.  I suppose the German people under Hitler were also “free”, as long as they toed the Nazi party line, that is.

In a truly free society, adult citizens should be able to do whatever they wish, as long as it doesn’t adversely impact others, and should not need to seek permission from anyone.  We should be free to grow and ingest cannabis.  We should be free to own guns.  We should be free to sell lemonade or flowers or to cut hair or move people’s furniture.  We should be free to pay for sex, to hire ourselves out as taxi drivers, to mow lawns, to deliver groceries, or be truly free as our national slogans suggest.  Of course, if you ingest something and then go out and assault people, or drive with impaired judgment/coordination, or shoot your neighbor’s window or dog or, heaven forbid, their kid, you should be severely punished, but NOT for what you might do because someone fears guns, cannabis, lemonade, or cut flowers.  Or, heaven forbid, a bad haircut!  If I have a prescription for a medicine, why can I not buy it from Canada, if I so choose?  Who are these people that think that I am incompetent and cannot choose for myself?  And, for God’s sake, why can I not bring my nail clippers on a flight?

All these laws, restrictions, licenses, etc have purpose, often benefiting special interests.  Moving companies, florists, and shopping mall lemonade vendors decided that they can limit competition in the name of public safety.  “Lemonade might be made in unsanitary conditions”, could be a reason to require a business license for some kids selling lemonade in their front yards.  An unscrupulous moving company might load up your household items and disappear, so we should require licensing to make the public safe, goes another argument.  Who knows what nasty bugs might be living among the long stemmed roses you bought your wife from a <shudder> unlicensed florist?  And what if Joe’s Barber Shop doesn’t sterilize their shears and nick your ear– oh horrors.  We better require licensing.  And what’s going to happen if your neighbor grows a plant in his yard and smokes or eats it for relaxation?  Will he rush out wide-eyed and chase people down with a machete because he is crazed on loco weed???  And the guy down the street like hunting.  He might get angry and start shooting people.  Or the guy with the nail clippers might use them to break into the cockpit and hijack the plane.  Yes, and there are monsters under your bed.

Anyone can cause harm with almost any thing.  People have been killing people with rocks, sticks, clubs, spears, and even their fists and feet for tens of thousands of years.  Should we ban sticks, clubs, spears, sharp objects and require people to live in straitjackets in padded rooms, to avoid hurting themselves or others?  How far do we take “safety” and still maintain a free society?  If YOU have an irrational fear of dogs, does that mean I cannot have one?  Where do we draw the line?  BuckyBalls– an ADULT magnetic, educational toy, was recently banned by the CPSC because small children MIGHT swallow them!?!?!  Damned!  We better ban scissors and sewing needles because a child MIGHT be harmed.  Has anyone considered pointing the finger of blame at the irresponsible PARENTS who allow toddlers to access these adult items?  Hello?

In the U.K., well-meaning people outlawed guns.  Now, their violent crime rate is THREE TIMES what America’s is, because the criminals know that most victims cannot fight back.  And recent massacres in the U.S. have ALL happened in areas advertised as helpless.  Yes– “Gun Free Zones”.  The criminals and lunatics who commit these massacres seek out unprotected venues– schools, movie theaters, shopping malls with “NO GUNS” signs.  Wouldn’t it be better to eliminate this certainty by just keeping our mouths shut?  Wouldn’t it give these homicidal maniacs pause if they were unsure of whether they might encounter resistance?  And– the incredible irony– to impose gun restrictions that ONLY law-abiding people– who almost never pose a threat to anyone– must follow, while criminals who have already demonstrated blatant disregard for laws, just laugh at?  Who are the gun grabbers kidding?  Their restrictions certainly do not make ANYONE safer EXCEPT FOR the criminals!  It’s insane!

We can legally buy alcohol, a drug that first reduces our judgment and inhibitions, but marijuana is somehow evil and dangerous?  Because it makes their users relaxed, happy, and non-aggressive?  How many alcohol-related fights occur compared with among cannabis users?  These gun and drug restrictions make as much sense as to outlaw cars with V8 engines and automatic transmissions, in a naive effort to stop drunk drivers.  Portugal decriminalized all drugs more than a decade ago, treating drug abuse as a medical/psychological problem that it truly is.  As a result, crime plummeted and drug abuse, after a brief rise, actually dropped.  If you want to watch the shootings in the U.S. drop by 90%, just decriminalize all drugs as Portugal did.  The U.S. leads in murder rates among the civilized countries.  But, if you exclude the drug-gang-related shootings, we drop to 4th from the bottom.  Hmmm…  Perhaps the DEA should be renamed the Drug EDUCATION Agency, and provide factual information about the effects of drugs, their addiction potential, what they are cut with, and possibly even provide analysis of their strength and impurities.

I don’t advocate using drugs nor irresponsible use of guns.  But, in a truly free society, I should be the one making the decision on whether I want to buy a drug, grow cannabis, or own a gun.  If I become a danger to someone say, by getting high on something and driving a car, I should be punished.  But if some Washington, D.C. politician, who is in the pocket of special interests, decides that guns and drugs are too dangerous for me to own/use, then shouldn’t cars also be illegal?  More people are killed with cars than with drugs and guns combined.  Oh, but cars “serve a useful purpose”, but guns and drugs don’t?  I disagree.  A gun serves a useful purpose of self-defense, providing a 5′, 120lb, 70 year old woman the ability to stop a 250lb, 6’6″ robber or rapist.  Or enabling a mother to keep a violent child molester from raping her child.  People, after working a hard day, find purpose in smoking some cannabis at the end of the day, or easing pain from arthritis or helping people with sleep disorders to sleep a restful night.  Shouldn’t we be judged on what we DO, instead of what someone THINKS we MIGHT do?

As I said earlier, most of these restrictions are created by people with good intentions (and some, by people with special interests).  They unwittingly create bureaucracies which, once established, become special interests in themselves.  If drugs were decriminalized, fewer police would be needed.  The thousands who work at the DEA would be unnecessary. The prison business would suffer.  So, people who work at these agencies, whose jobs depend on oppressing others’ rights, do everything they can to propagandize the American public into keeping these restrictions in place.  I have personally witnessed corporate managers intentionally creating problems to justify added staff, thus building their empires!  Why would Michele Leonhart, head of the DEA, be any different?  It would be career suicide for her to admit that cannabis cures many cancers and provides numerous medical benefits and is probably the safest drug in existence– undeniably safer than caffeine or alcohol.  And who do the gun banners call when they need help?  People with guns– the police.  Ironic, isn’t it?  The army veteran next door, who returned home from Iraq or Afganistan, might be just as qualified as the police, yet he is disarmed by the people with good intent.  Remember– when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

I see these misguided attempts to legislate away our freedoms as bullshit, and I am anti-bullshit– just call me AuntieBS.  I believe that people should be judged for what they do, not what they MIGHT do.  If you agree, keep this in mind when your representatives support taking away our freedoms in the name of safety, because if our current trends continue, we will have voted away our lives, liberties, and pursuits of freedom in order to be “safe” from imaginary demons.  THINK BEFORE YOU VOTE!  Raise hell with your existing legislators if they try to take away your freedoms in the name of safety!  If you don’t, you do NOT have the right to complain, as you are part of the problem.


More people need to be aware of this and not believe the media hype and the hoplophobes like Brady, Bloomberg, Gifford, Kelley, and others.


Bullet point: Gun crimes dropping, despite public perception | Fox News.


This is a real eye-opener:


One HAS to wonder why anti-gun people refuse to look at the facts, but keep spewing bogus data supplied to them by other anti-gun people!  The ONLY unbiased source of gun crime is the FBI database on crime.  It is THE source from which all the Brady, Mother Jones, and other “statistics” are derived, twisted, skewed, and selective data omitted.  I think this graph tells the real story.