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Getting spanked as a child can lead to a host of mental health problems in adulthood, say researchers.

Source: Childhood spankings can lead to adult mental health problems — ScienceDaily


Fairly administered corporal punishment does not lead to problems in adulthood and may actually minimize them.  The authors are mistaken and confusing it for other confounders as being causal.  Corporal punishment teaches responsibility and that there are painful consequences for making poor choices; something that is lacking in large segments of western society.

Corporal punishment, however, can be doled it in anger, unfairly, abusively and if so, it is these aspects that may contribute to resentment and mental health problems later in life, and it is unclear as to how the authors differentiated that from parental discipline that is so key to teaching responsibility.

Children have not fully developed rational thought processes so, to be effective, punishment and reward must strike at the emotional level.  The fear and pain of a spanking is a sharp lesson in consequences for inappropriate behavior whereas logic and reasoning is largely lost on undeveloped minds.


An important step has been taken toward a reliable marijuana breathalyzer by measuring the vapor pressure of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — a measurement that, due to the compound’s chemical structure, is very difficult and has not been accomplished before.

Source: Scientists lay the groundwork for a reliable marijuana breathalyzer: Researchers have measured a fundamental physical property of the primary psychoactive compound in marijuana — ScienceDaily

Imagine if this much effort was put into characterizing the properties and medical benefits of cannabis…  <sigh>



No one can deny that 2016 was a landmark year for marijuana legislation. Despite these gains, we must remain vigilant to protect the fragile progress that we have made and continue the fight for sane marijuana policy at the both the state and federal level to ensure that no citizen will ever again go to jail for choosing to consume marijuana.

We have won the hearts and minds of the majority of Americans and even in the shifting political climate we still must convince our elected officials to join us and support the will of the people on this issue. NORML chapters throughout the country are working to end prohibition and expand legal protections for marijuana consumers while the national NORML office in Washington, DC is working to lobby federal lawmakers, push our message out to national media, and organize supporters across the nation. But at its heart, NORML is only as strong as the people who support us and we NEED your help to fuel the movement.


The cannabis movement has a strong gust of wind at our backs and we must harbor and protect this momentum. Jeff Sessions as the Attorney General and other militant marijuana prohibitionists that are rumored to be joining the incoming Trump administration would personally wish for a return to the “Just Say No” and “reefer madness” days of state oppression and cannabis hysteria.

Regardless of their resistance, the train is still steaming ahead and measures to fully legalize, establish medical programs, and decriminalize possession are common in state legislatures across the nation. We are tracking legislation moving in every state and already over 500 bills dealing with marijuana have been filed.


NORML will, as we have since 1970, be on the front lines of advancing the rights of marijuana consumers in the eyes of the public and politicians alike. As a truly grassroots organization, we have sustained over the decades because of the diligent work and support of people just like you.

We don’t have a billionaire backer, but we do have something better…YOU. So far this year the average donation to NORML has been $35, ensuring we are answerable to no one but cannabis consumers (not outside interests or the marijuana industry).

Together we will end prohibition and protect responsible marijuana consumers from going to jail nationwide.

Thanks for fighting with us,
The NORML Team

P.S. In order to cross the finish line, the time to get involved and keep the momentum going is now. Find your local NORML chapter to find out how to help locally and in the meantime continue to call and email our state and federal officials in favor of pending marijuana reform legislation.


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The medicinal properties of cannabidiol are quickly drawing the attention of scientists, plant-medicine lovers, dietary-supplement companies and Big Pharma.

Source: The Battle For Cannabidiol (CBD): Big Pharma VS The People | HoneyColony

Just incredible!  CBD is not psychoactive and should be in the same category as over-the-counter supplements, like herbal teas, echinacea, ginger, Valerian root, chamomile, etc.  But, because it offers medicinal help, the DEA bans it to support big phramaceutical companies.  I sure would like to see the DEA disbanded, as they’ve sucked more than a trillion dollars in tax money, and what have they accomplished?  A million people in prison, $5 heroin, and ubiquitous methamphetamine.  If a company was that effective, it would be bankrupt.  Why is Congress not chastising them and defunding them over such disingenuous ineffectiveness?


The concentration of the euphoriant THC in cannabis has tripled in the space of 20 years in Denmark. The reason may be a systematic processing of the cannabis plants, some of which are being grown in skunk farms in Denmark. Cannabis of such high quality can lead to a greater risk of harm and adverse side effects. This is in particular a problem for the large group of young people who smoke it several times a month.

Source: Danish cannabis is stronger than ever: The concentration of the euphoriant THC in cannabis has tripled in the space of 20 years — ScienceDaily

Talking in dramatic terms about new, stronger cannabis is a non-starter, because MUCH stronger forms of cannabis and cannabis concentrates have been around for many decades.  Just as one does not chug vodka or Everclear like they might a beer, people don’t smoke joints of hashish or 80% concentrates.  Instead of smoking harsh joints, people now have one or two tokes from a vaporizer or pipe, sometimes known as a “pinch hitter”.

Pot strength IS a valid concern in unmarked edibles, however.  Someone eating  too much cannabis can easily OD, and experience unpleasant effects, none of which are lethal, unlike ODing on alcohol or other drugs.  Edibles should always be clearly labeled as to strength and kept away from children.

Strong cannabis should be everyone’s goal, because one ingests fewer tars and other unwanted smoke particulates and distillates,  because fewer tokes are necessary.


While there is a long history of opposition to sensible marijuana policy reform from some big pharmaceutical companies, September saw the biggest financial donation from such a company against a legalization ballot initiative to date, and their motives couldn’t be more blatant. According to campaign finance reports, the committee formed to oppose Prop. 205, Arizonans … Continue reading Big Pharma Opiate Profiteer Throws Big Money Against Arizona Campaign to Regulate Marijuana

Source: Big Pharma Opiate Profiteer Throws Big Money Against Arizona Campaign to Regulate Marijuana – MPP Blog

In a speech to high school students in Kentucky, Loretta Lynch said that opioids are the true gateway drugs, not cannabis.

Source: U.S. Attorney General Says Cannabis Is Not a Gateway Drug | Leafly

We explore the history of cannabis legality in the United States and how cannabis came to be stigmatized by society.

Source: Cannabis & the Constitution: A Brief History of Cannabis in the U.S. | Leafly

LOS ANGELES—It’s an all-too-familiar refrain: “We just don’t know enough about the effects of cannabis.” From the DEA to Hillary Clinton, bureaucrats and politicians use the lack of research on the effects of cannabis as a reason to slow or even stall the advance of legalization. But is it true? Is there really very…Read More

Source: Has There Been Enough Cannabis Research? – Cannabis Industry InstituteCannabis Industry Institute

Source: Opioid Companies Lobby Against Medical Marijuana | Huffington Post